AN: i wrote this poem when my parents were pissing me off and not letting me dress the way i wanted to...hope ya' like it!!

You try to tell me how I should act

How I should dress

And I try to fight back

I try to retaliate your silly rules

I can't wear this

And I can't wear that

You are taking over my life

A life that is hard as it is

You don't have to make it worse

You force me to be

The one I despise

I can't be the one

That I idolize

My life is all up to you

You take it and you mold it like yours

But I'm not you

And I never will be

Just let me be myself

Don't try to tell me who to be

I don't want to dress

Like you did way back when

I don't want to be

Like everyone else

In school all that you cared about

Was fitting in

With the popular kids

You think that I can't

Make anything out of my life

So you take my life and you mold it like yours

The problem is

I don't want to be like you

I want to be an individual

If that means dressing

Gothic, not prep

Then so be it

I know what group I want to be in

You have a problem because you stereotype

"All Goths," you say, "shoot heroine

And smoke weed"

Why can't you trust my judgment?

If I've told you once

I've told you a million times

I have morals

And want to make something out of my life

You assume that I can't be trusted

And you think that I can't do anything right

You monitor everything I say

And you get mad

For the most random things

If I could have

Even a little trust

You'd be surprised what I'd do with it

I wouldn't do all the things

That you think I would do

I would make something out of my life

I can show you in a few years

In a few years, when I am rich

Making more money in a week

Than you ever saw in a year

If you have me on a chain

While you can control what I do

The more likely I am

To do what you don't allow

The second that I can

I can move out of your house

And live on my own

You can't read my mail

And you can't tell me what to do

Or how to dress

Or how not to dress

I will be free of your rules

And free of you

I might want to stick around a little longer

If I had some freedom and trust

I could be that little girl again

The one in pigtails

Ribbons and curls

But you won't let me live my life

So unless you start letting me

Live my life

Then the second I turn 18

You can kiss my ass goodbye