Memories can be forgotten

Until they're remembered

When they flood your thoughts

In pieces

With her face

Haunting my every word

The evil pleasure

We shared

Oh so long ago

How you chewed through my innocence

Then spit it in my face

"You forgot"

Priceless words heard a thousand times before

You fucking whore

If I could kill you

I would

I would make you feel what I felt

And then some

I'd push myself on you

Force you to do things that never even crossed your mind

I'd ask you if it was okay after it was all over

Then roll over and go to bed

Do you remember that?

I was never the same again

I wouldn't call it rape

But it wasn't consensual either

Never again

I'd say after every time

But I'd give in before the day was over

There were times when I loved you

No doubt about that

Those times you'd hold me and clean my cuts

You'd whisper things would be okay

Then you'd go fuck her

Die bitch


I felt the knife run over your throat

Soft moans escaped my tainted lips

Forgiveness you begged

"Forgive this"

As I took back what was mine.

AN: not really a poem, i know, but i had to get this off my chest. i was listening to the song "Can't stop" by red hot chilli peppers we fucked to that song alot, and it made me sick, so i wrote this lol. i'm so insensative.