Chapter 1

Clouds of smoke swirled around the bar. Men and women stood around, drinking beer and playing pool. Music rumbled out of the speakers. Jade Rose cautiously walked inside, her eyes wide and scanning the bar. She walked over to the bar. A biker looking man with a baldhead and numerous tattoos appeared in front of her. "Whatcha want, dove?"

Jade looked at him. "Um…a water please."

The man raised a brow, an amused smirk playing on his lips. "You aren't from around here, are ya?" He slid the glass of water over to her.

"No…no…I'm looking for something." She took a sip of the cool liquid, set it down and straightened her button up pink shirt.

"Well, sweetcheeks, I'm sure it'll find ya. You stick out like a sore thumb." And with that, he moved on to the next customer.

Jade looked down at her ironed pink shirt and black pants. She had on strappy stilettos, her toenails painted to match her shirt. She frowned and drank some more.

Parker Webb stood at the back of the bar, his muscled forearms crossed over his hard chest. His steel gray eyes locked on the brunette woman in pink as she walked inside. He almost laughed out loud when she ordered water. Doug the bartender looked over at him and shrugged. Parker smirked and walked to his office and shut the door.

Jade looked around the bar and sighed. What was she doing here? What was she trying to prove? She had ordered a water for Christ's sake! She wanted change in her life. Out with the good and in with the bad. Biting her lower lip, she unbuttoned the first few buttons of her shirt, showing off the top swells of her breasts. She ran a hand through her long almost black hair and ruffled it a bit. She made eye contact with the bartender. He walked over to her. "What can I get ya?" He asked, taking in her appearance.

"What hard liquors do you have?"

"Whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila…whatever ya want."

"All right…how about a whiskey then?"

He smiled. "I think I'll mix that with some soda."

Jade nodded. "Whatever." She said, watching him mix Jack Daniels and then Coca-Cola. Jade pulled out a five-dollar bill. Doug stopped her. "On the house. I have a feeling it's your first drink ever."

Jade raised a brow and picked up the glass. "Are you kidding me?" And with that, she downed the Jack and Coke.

Doug crossed his arms over his chest as Jade coughed and tried to suck in a breath. After Jade finally got herself under control, she smiled sheepishly at Doug. "Well, maybe you're right."

Doug nodded. "I know a virgin when I see 'em. The name's Doug by the way."

Jade blinked, then stared at him. Dough laughed. "I meant a virgin drinker."

Jade relaxed. "Oh…Well, I'm not anymore, am I? I'm Jade."

"Nice to be the one who served you your first drink."

Throughout the next few hours, Jade drank several more mixed drinks. She had decided that beer was disgusting. Rum and coke had become her favorite for the night. It was almost closing time when Jade decided to leave. She handed Dough forty dollars. "Thanks, Doug. You've been a peach." She smiled widely at him, her eyes glazed over.

Doug nodded and smiled. "Come on back, Miss Jade and I'll mix some more drinks for ya."

Jade laughed and stumbled off her seat. " 'K…I will."

As she made her way to the door, she was intercepted by two burly men. Jade pulled up short and looked at them. "Hello."

"Hello, pussycat. Ya goin' home?" The taller one asked.

"Why yes I am. So please move." She moved to walk around them.

The shorter one grabbed her arms and pulled her back. "How bout goin' home with one of us?"

Jade looked down at the hands on her arms, then up at the man. She started struggling against him. "That's repulsive. Let go of me this instant!"

Doug looked over at Jade. Groaning, her went to bang on Parker's door. "Park! Those two goons are back and harassin' the brunette!"

Parker was out the door in a flash. His gray eyes had turned hard. "Those bastards are back? Why didn't anyone tell me they walked in?"

"Didn't see 'em, boss. I was keepin' Jade entertained the last hours."

Parker looked at him. "Who's Jade?"

"The brunette." Doug smirked.

Parker rolled his eyes, then turned in time to see the two men push Jade between them. Then the taller one pulled Jade to his chest. The shorter one didn't like that and tried to pull her back. Parker rushed over to them. But, he didn't reach them in time. The shorter one managed to tear Jade's shirt almost completely off. Jade cried out and slapped the man. She backed away from the two of them and bumped into a hard wall. She whirled around and saw the wall was a chest, covered in a black t-shirt that hugged every inch of that sculpted chest. Then she looked up. Way up. Green eyes met gray ones.

Parker felt something spark inside as their eyes met. It was like he was being punched in the stomach. He got his emotions in check, then offered her a kind smile. "I'll get rid of them, Jade."

Jade watched in amazement as the mysterious man grabbed the two perverts by the neck and squeezed. He started towards the door. "Didn't I tell you to never come back here again?"

Parker shoved them out the door and followed them, closing the door behind him. A few minutes later, he walked back into the bar and over to Jade, who hadn't moved. He stopped in front of her. "Come on, let's get you a shirt to wear."

"W…Who are you?" She stared him, her eyes wide.

Parker smirked. "Parker. Parker Webb."

Jade took a shaky step towards him. Parker rolled his eyes and bent down, scooping her into his arms. Jade gasped, her face turning bright red. "Mr. Webb. I can walk."

"I'm sure you can." He carried her into his office and set her down on the couch in the corner.

Jade took that time to look him over. She bit her lower lip as her eyes trailed up his hard body. The jeans he wore hugged his tight behind and muscled thighs. The black shirt was tucked into the waist of his jeans. The shirt did nothing to hide his muscled upper body. His biceps were huge and defined. She saw part of a tattoo peeking out from the bottom of his sleeve. She saw another one on his forearm. She couldn't tell what it was. He turned around and started walking towards her. She studied his chest, then looked at his forearm. The tattoo was of a wolf. She quickly looked up and saw he was smiling.

"Like what you see?"

"What? I…I don't know what you are talking about." She looked down at herself. And that was when she noticed her shirt was all but torn off. Gasping, she wrapped her arms around her body.

Parker laughed. "Here. You can have one of my shirts. It'll be big on you, though."

Jade quickly took it from him and took off her pink shirt, leaving her sitting there in a lacy white bra. Parker held in a groan as he stared at her full breast. Did she have any idea how sexy and beautiful she was? Parker ran a big hand through his inky, spiked hair. Good Lord…

Jade pulled the t-shirt over her head. The sleeves went down past her elbows. She was sure it would go past her knees when she stood up. "Thank you, Mr. Webb."

"Call me Parker, Jade."

"How do you know my name?"

Parker smirked. "I don't. I just know your first name. And Doug told me."

"Oh….Well my last name is Rose."

"Jade Rose…a very delicate name for a fragile lady."

Jade sat up straighter. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Parker raised a brow. "Calm down. I was just making an observation. You come off as very…delicate and naïve."

Jade shot up off the couch. "You don't know me! So don't judge me. Besides, how do you know I'm naïve?"

Parker leaned down until he was eye level with her. "How can you walk into a bar looking like you did and not expect some jerk to manhandle you around?"

Jade crossed her arms over her stomach, then thought better of it. She poked him in the shoulder. "You were the one that carried me off!"

Parker growled low. "I was saving your ass! Do you know how many guys were staring at your all but naked body?"

Jade's eyes widened. Then her cheeks turned pink. Parker smirked and stood up to his towering height of 6'3". "See? You don't even know what's going on. You've never been subjected to anything like this, have you?"

Jade sighed and looked up at him. Her feet were killing her. She fell back down onto the couch and leaned over to slip off her heels. She tucked her feet underneath her, then looked up at him. "So…I wanted a change. Big deal."

"How old are you?"


Parker sat down on his desk, his arms still crossed over his chest. She pointed at his arm. "What kind of tattoo is that? And why do you always keep your arms crossed over your chest?"

Parker looked at her, amused. "The tattoo is of a cross. And I have had a hard life. Makes me look tough." He winked at her.

Jade rolled her eyes and stood up. "I am leaving. Thank you for the shirt. I'll bring it back."

Parker stood up and pressed his big hand against the wood door as Jade tried to open it. She groaned in frustration before turning around and looked at his pecs. Then, she tilted her head up. "Now what?"

She couldn't be more than five feet tall, he thought. "How did you get here?"

"A cab."

Parker groaned. "I'll drive you home. Those two jerks might still be waiting for you to walk out."

Jade raised a brow. "Why would they do that?"

Parker laughed, the sound deep and sexy. "You really are innocent. Either put your shoes on or I'll be carrying you."

Jade hastily bent over to slip her stilettos back on. Wrinkling her nose in discomfort, she looked at him. "Let's go."

Parker watched as she limped out in front of him. The bar had cleared out. Doug and two other bartenders were cleaning the place up. "Doug, I'll be back. I'm taking Jade home."

Doug nodded. "We'll get the place cleaned up. Have fun, boss."

Parker sent his co-worker and best friend a narrowed glare. Doug laughed as he threw away a handful of beer bottles.

Jade looked up at him. "You own this place?"

Parker ushered her out the door. "Yeah. Surprised?"

Jade shrugged. "Well, you don't look clean cut. I thought you were a bouncer."

"I'm not clean cut. I used to be a criminal."

Jade stumbled to a stop. "What? Really?"

Parker laughed. "Come on, Jade Rose, time to get your sweet self home." Once they reached his extended cab truck, he lifted her up into the cab and shut the door. He slid behind the wheel and the engine started with a roar. "Which way?"

Jade directed him to her house. Even though it was small, it was still two stories. Parker smiled. "Home sweet home. I bet you even have a dog in there."

Jade narrowed her eyes. "As a matter of fact, I have a golden."

Parker nodded. "I was expecting you to say you had one of those little ankle biters."

"I used to have one of those, too. But she died from old age." She shook her head. "Why am I telling you this? Thanks for the ride. I'll bring your shirt back. Goodbye, Parker." She hastily climbed out of the high cab and dropped down to her feet. She cried out softly in frustration and bent over to take off her shoes. When she stood back up, Parker was standing in front of her. He swept her over his shoulder and carried her to the door. Gasping in outrage, she smacked his back. "Parker! Put me down this minute!"

"Gimme your keys, Jade."

"Why you oversized bully! I don't appreciate being manhandled like this!" But, they stood outside her front door. Parker was waiting patiently for her keys. Grudgingly, she handed them over.

Parker unlocked her door and pushed it open wide. He stepped inside the house and set her onto her feet. He tossed her the keys. "G'night, Jade Rose. Sweet dreams." And with that, he sauntered back to his truck.

It roared to life as Jade slammed her door shut. She quickly locked it. God, what had she gotten herself into?

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