Siren (Chapter 1)

Siren hurried to school, hands in pockets, head down, and eyes on the crumbling sidewalk ahead. He removed his hands from his pockets only for a brief moment to brush the hair out of his eyes before returning them to their place where they clenched two dollars in a fist. He couldn't afford to lose any more lunch money to bullies, his savings were already running low.

He stumbled up the front steps, pushing his way through the crowd standing just outside the doors. Siren didn't even want to know who Kris had picked a fight with this time, nor did he care. All that mattered at the moment was that he got to class on time.

Siren arrived at the classroom not only on time, but with time t o spare. Wisely, he chose a seat on the front row, under the watchful eye of Mrs. Wood. He knew from experience not to sit on the back row with the punks unless you enjoy a mouthful of curses thrown at you every time you opened your mouth to speak. Also, he knew not to sit at the column at the left side of the classroom- it was reserved for Kris's weekly victims. Kris and his gang sat on the last column to the right, if they weren't skipping class. The center desks were reserved for the cheer leaders, preps, and all their boyfriends. Everyone else was left with the front two rows, which Siren didn't mind at all.

He pulled a crumpled sheet of paper from his back pocket and began to scribble notes down from the board. The bell rand, and as expected, Kris strolled into class minutes later followed by a trembling boy with broken glasses and side combed hair. His arm in a sling, he was no doubt the victim here. Kris slumped into the chair directly behind Siren, unfortunately, and the boy took a seat as far to his left as he could possibly get without sitting on the floor.

"Hey Siren," a cold voice hissed from behind him. Siren ignored this, not wanting to put up with whatever it was that Kris wanted; he liked it when Kris didn't get his way.

"Siren," Kris hissed again. Siren continued scrawling on his paper, even though he had already copied the notes two times trough.

"Nice pants." The tip of Sirens pencil was down to the wood, leaving scratches in his paper. "Didn't you wear those once in the 8th grade?"

So maybe Siren had worn these pants once in the 8th grade. It wasn't his fault he hadn't grown since then. He calmly sharpened his pencil in the hole in the corner of his desk before Kris noticed he was only pretending to take notes.

"I asked you a question!" Kris exclaimed, temper rising. Siren found this funny.

"Just a minute, I'm busy taking notes," he paused, letting this sink in. Siren was really pushing it now, "Shouldn't you be taking notes too?"

This did it. Kris hit the desk with a fist. There was a loud crack and it split, spilling its contents over the floor. Mrs. Wood squealed and pointed to the door.

"Kris! Detention!"

Kris only stood there, looking blank.

"NOW!" she howled.

Kris scooped up his books and stuffed them in his bag. He walked away, pausing at Siren's desk to glare. Siren couldn't help himself, he smiled and said, "Two words dude- Anger. Management."