I'm afraid to tell you how I really feel

but if I don't, I'll never heal

from all those times I silently cried

resenting that I never tried.


To approach you, get to know you more

I've never felt this way before

Helpless against your every move

I'm probably overlooked by you.


If I started talking, would you know my name?

or would I stutter, making you think I'm lame?

Would I screw my one chance at a first impression?

losing the effectiveness of my confession?


Would you sneer at my attempt

To try and gain some of your respect?

Would I humiliate myself as I walk away

Never to get past such a dreary day?


Truth is I was vulnerable right from the start

Fearing you'd emotionally tear me apart

With that, I'd have nothing left

So I keep my distance, avoiding theft.


Everyone dreads horrid rejection.

Why would you think I'd be an exception?

So until I'm very confident,

this poem will remain unsent.