Dating through Dreams

I rest my head upon your memory

As I put all my thoughts of you

Underneath my pillow

Like the piece of bride's cake

To dream of you

Yet I miss you when you are so far away

And I can only find you near my heart

By you being in my mind

And there is where

I can hold your ghost

And we can watch the sunset together on the beach

Oh, it is the most beautiful thing

Sitting with you

Arm around me and me

Snuggling to you

Watching the colors fade to gray

To blue

My mood

As I wish I were closer

With the songs I sing

I think of you with every rock ballad

Taking us to Paradise City

And Clapton saying how everything is wonderful tonight

It is all wonderful right now

It is all right


Thinking of you

My heart flies free

And it flutters

I can only hope

I have the same effect on you

As you think of me

And how I should be with you

To caress

To love and kiss

Only one room away


One reverie is not so far

So sleep with me simultaneously

And maybe we will see each other

In our dreams