Come And Go

Sometimes it's hard to keep holding on
Even when you know it'll be gone in a while
We keep holding on to the relationships
Even when we know it won't last forever
It'll come... and go after a while

But can't we just make this a bit longer
Can't we just hold on for a while?
Just a few more seconds, please
That's all that I would need
But I guess it's too much
This kiss won't last long
It's hurting us both
But I want to hold you more

It's really so hard to keep hanging on
When we know there's not much to hold
We keep holding on to the promises
Even when we know it'll go... along with the wind
It'll come... and go after a while


I want to kiss you once more
But I can't, it hurts us both
I drain our lives away everytime I try to hold
I try to touch your hand, but I fear this won't last
I can't go on...
This will come... and go
So, so long...

(But I want to hold on to you...)
(This kiss won't last long...)
(We both have to go...)
(It's hurting us both...)
(But for a second please...)
(Just one more moment please...)
(Then I'll go...)
(I'll let you go)