Since When?

Since when were things so complicated?

Suicide is, apparently, a 13 to 14 year old thing

For so many dear friends have had these thoughts

These desires to cause the ultimate harm

To all of us left living

What so many people don't realize is that

When you kill yourself, you kill your friends

Your family, and even those who don't know you

It affects everybody, not just you

You sentence yourself to death

You sentence your friends and family to life without you

You sentence them to a lifetime of guilt

A whole eternity of "why?"

You think you have it bad, well, look at this

If you take that knife and put it to use

Imagine how their lives are going to be

Without you there as a friend or more than a friend

No, you can't unselfishly commit suicide

For in order to protect you from yourself

Your loved ones would do anything

Do you really want to let go

And force everyone else to hold onto

Your self-centered departure?

Too much blood has too much potential

Potential to gush and spill out of once virgin wrists

So since when did suicide solve everything?