Hey Eva,

Hey Eva,

I think it's a good thing we didn't let Teague go home with you—she's having a hard enough time at my house. I think she expects people to smack her if she doesn't do work or something. But seriously—do work? At my house? Ha!

Anyways, she getting kinda weirded out by this werewolf thing though, so I might have to send her to Jason's or something. I think, though, that she might be more perplexed by Jason's two fathers than by my lycanologist father; any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I've been working my butt off to keep up with my swordplay exercises. I don't think Instructor Riggs thinks summer is actually a break, but rather, extra time to practice. Then again, I can't say I mind too much—after all, thanks to Riggs I can kick anyone's butt! Except his, of course. Unless we're speaking literally here, because I'm pretty sure that I could sneakily sidle up alongside him and just kinda kick his ass. I think he'd give me one of those looks of his that just says "what the hell is wrong with you?" or "what did I do to deserve that?!" though… maybe it's best not to go there…

Oh, by the way, did you ever get your dad to hook you up with internet at the Siren Islands? I mean, I know you're nude and primitive and stuff, but at least we could chat. I'm going to try and get everyone else on too—and you know Felix already has everything, being from the east side and all.


- -

Yo Mia,

Still don't trust me to not corrupt our cute little religious girl? Pity; I'd rather like too… besides, she could do with a little bit more boobs and butts, and some sex never hurt anyone. But, if you're certain that I should try, least I be faced with your well-used blade, I'll have to step down.

I dunno, I think being introduced to Jason's family might give her crooked ideas about the world… You'd better write Jason right away and get her sent over there!

Pshaw, sword exercises. You're an embarrassment; my bow skills are quite as sharp as always without a speck of practice all week. But, if you're so obsessed with butt-kicking then I suppose, if you must you must. However, I advise you to keep all body parts away from Riggs' ass—I've heard he's quite spoken for now, I think his fiancée might have words to say to you if you're delving into her property.

Uh, yeah, about that internet thing….

I'm still working on it….

Sooo, you just get everyone else hooked up, and I'll have sweet words with my father. I'm sure, powerful and influential as he is, he can manage to get me a computer-thing and connect my island—yes, my island—to this inter-mathingy. So I'll talk to you soon a-line!

Eva is awesome

- -

Dear Mia,

Of course I have internet access and a computer; what do you think we are over here, cavemen? You saw my brother's car, you should know full well that we're not behind on the times—not to imply that you are, as I saw some stupendous things on your side of the river that would never appear over here! Everything you guys have seems to be run by magic; I'm amazed. I'm really looking forward to the start of the new term in August when I get to come back. But until then it would be great to get in touch with you guys online.

I didn't know you could even connect to the internet on the west side—I've never heard anyone say that's where they were from. But, I guess you learn something new every day.

By the way—do we have summer homework? I wasn't at the school very long and I don't know what the teachers expect me to do. In fact, the only one of my teachers I actually met was Riggs! So does he expect us to practice over the summer? And do you know who Instructor Undine is? I'm worried that I'll show up next year and be scolded for not doing anything over break.



- -

Hola Mia!

Of course we'd love to have Teague over here! I don't know why you guys didn't listen to me in the first place when I said I'd take her and she'd be more safe. I didn't know your dad was a famous werewolf-scientist (whatever you call that), but I don't think that's a safe place for anyone except you and me—definitely not Teague.

So how do you think we can work that out? I suppose you could put her on the ferry and send her down the river to us—but I think she might freak out and jump overboard or something unpredictable like that. You know Teague—she just doesn't do well without supervision. So perhaps you could come down with her on the ferry, and maybe I could meet you guys half way.

And internet? No problem, I saved up all my money from the school year to buy a computer, and there's definitely internet connections here. So yeah, we should definitely get everyone else on to keep in touch!

I love you more than Eva,


- -

Dear Jer,

I miss you so much, but I'm glad Mia made us all write down addresses so we could keep in touch over the summer. I'm sure I would have forgotten all about writing until it was too late and I was cut off from everyone if she hadn't said something! But I'll bet you would have reminded me anyways, you're so thoughtful like that.

Did Mia talk to you about using the internet to keep in touch? She says there's such things as text-based chats, where multiple people can talk to each other at once in real time! I think it's quite a concept; we don't have internet here in Sha'ar, but I might be able to work something out. Usually for quick communication we use magic, and enchanted animals—perhaps there's some way I can speak through one of them to you, and you can connect me to the chat with everyone else…

I miss you, and I think of you always; just two more months until we go back to school together.

Love Always and Forever,


- -


To: Instructor Sir

I hope you're having a nice summer, sir, without all of us squirrelly kids—though that's not to say that we're all awful all the time, I mean, I think Mia and Eva are very nice sometimes and I'm… I'm just… I'm having a lovely time here at Jason's house; her fathers are very nice. They had to send me away from I am at Jason's house now, instead of Mia's house, because I found her father very intimidating, Sir. I hope you don't thinkI'm a coward, sir, but I've never met an influential lycanologist before and it was quite frightening.

Now I've gone an accidentally taken up your time by telling you about my meager adventures when I meant to ask about you! How silly of me, don't bother thinking about me, sir, I just wanted to say that I hope your summer is going very well, sir, and that I'd like to congratulate you on your engagement to Healer Saphrin! I'm so proud that you could propose to her, and I hope the two of you live very happily forever!

I'm sorry to have bothered you, sir, and I hope my letter wasn't a nuisance. If it was just tell me and I won't waste your time anymore, sir.



From: Teague

Riggs almost laughed out loud once he had finished the letter from his most shy student. The most amusing part was that, even unable to stutter and stumble with her words, she had still somehow managed to sound very much unsure of herself in the letter with the random parts of it crossed out. He did, however, pity her attitude, and wished that there was something he could do to make her more comfortable around him like the other girls….

- -

Dear Mia,

What's this I hear about you juggling poor Teague around? You should really know better; she's a delicate girl and she can't just be tossed from one household to the other. But I do understand that perhaps your house was not the best choice of them for her to go to—after all, she does seem to be rather skittish around adult male figures, and your father is quite boisterous.

On a different note, Mia, I hope you remembered those drills I thought you while the school was in dead time last term. Usually I would not press my students to practice over the summer, or to learn things when the rest of the school was loafing. However, I feel that you have great potential to become an accomplished swordswoman. Who knows, perhaps some day you will replace me as armsmaster at the school!

And the internet? Of course I know what it is—my house is on the west side of the Genji as well, you know. No, I do not own a computer, but yet, my house could easily be connected to the internet. I suppose, if you insist, I will go and purchase a computer—perhaps I really shouldn't mention this to your already overly large head, but I do miss you all terribly.



- -

Hey Teague,

I just wanted to make sure those weird wolf-transforming people weren't getting you down too bad. I heard you had to be floated downstream to Jason's place because Mia's dad was scaring you out of your wits! Ha! I'm sorry, but I gotta admit that's pretty funny. Then again, I'd rather not be in Mia's house on a full moon either, so I can't say I blame ya….

Well, since you're in Jason's house, I suppose you've got internet access too now. Soon, I think we'll all be online chattin' up a party! Demuur says he's going to have to connect through magic, I didn't know you could do that, but I guess you can do anything with magic on the west side… especially if you're a drow, heh?

Well, don't let them two dads getcha down! And mind them wolves—I'll talk to you soon online, methinks.

Lotsa love,


- - -

You have just entered the chat LlamasHaveTwoLegs

WerewolfMaster: O.o Helloooooo?

SexySirenGoddess has just entered the chat

SexySirenGoddess: whoa, this is plush, man. Anyone else in here?

WerewolfMaster: Why yes, yes I am. Hiya Eva—I told you internet chats were a good idea.

SexySirenGoddess: I believe the phrase was "internet chats are all the rage, man!"

WerewolfMaster: Oh whatever….

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy has just entered the chat

WerewolfMaster: two guesses who that one is…

SexySirenGodess: Hi Jer!!

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: O.O Whoa! This is pretty nifty…

WerewolfMaster: No one ever listens to me….

TheCookieQueen has just entered the chat

TheCookieQueen: I like my new computer!

WerewolfMaster: well I'm glad to hear it. Got Teague over there somewhere?

TheCookieQueen: She's on my dad's computer—they were so intrigued by mine that they bought one too…

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: wait—if they bought a computer, why is it only your dad's computer, and not your dads'?

TheCookieQueen: Because it's really dad's, not father's—but they both share it.

SexySirenGoddess: This is so confusing. Dad… Father… . I'm so lost!

WerewolfMaster: -pats Eva's head- you'll figure it out eventually.

IDontKnow has just entered the chat

WerewolfMaster: I don't know anyone called I don't know…

IDontKnow: ;;; it said "Desired SN:" and I didn't know what it meant…

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: HA!!

SexySirenGoddess: SN stands for Screen Name, darling.

IDontKnow: Well yes, I know that now… Jason explained it after I had already made this account.

Half-BloodDrowBoy has just entered the chat


WerewolfMaster: O.o Wow, that was dramatic. I didn't know you had so much energy…

SexySirengoddess: I thought that was pretty hawt…

IDontKnow: …"hawt"…?

TheCookieQueen: Don't ask, Teague

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: Lover??

Half-BloodDrowBoy: Sorry, I'm connected through psionics, so it's kind of weird. I'm still figuring out how to do this.

TechnologicallySavvyNinja has just entered the chat

WerewolfMaster: O.o Well if I hadn't know Felix was the only one not in yet I might wonder who that was…

SexySirenGoddess: Gavin, you're a technologically savvy ninja?? o

TechnologicallySavvyNinja: I am. Now you have the advantage over me… who is everyone?

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: You can't tell? XP

TechnologicallySavvyNinja: Okay, that's Jer, Uh… obviously Half-BloodDrowBoy is Demuur…

Half-BloodDrowBoy: obviously XD

TechnologicallySavvyNinja: XD hey, give me a break, I'm a new addition! . TheCookieQueen is… Jason?

TheCookieQueen: Aye!

TechnologicallySavvyNinja: From what I've heard about Mia's father over the summer, WerewolfMaster is Mia, the Siren one is Eva, and that leaves… IDontKnow who must be Teague

WerewolfMaster: Yay! Good job!

TheSicklySwordsman has just entered the chat

WerewolfMaster: O.O Holy shiznit!! You've admitted your sickliness!

TheSicklySwordsman: …Whoa, this is bizarre… are these names on the side all the people in the chat.

SexySirenGoddess: Yuppers

TheSicklySwordsman: Well in that case I think I can figure everyone out—TechnologicallySavvyNinja?!

TechnologicallySavvyNinja: Why yes, yes I am. XD it's Felix

SexySirenGoddess: Gavin

TheCookieQueen: Gavin

TheCookieQueen: XD jinx!

TheSicklySwordsman: Oh, alright then. And yes Mia, I have admitted my sickliness… or perhaps I should say lack there of (as I fail miserably to hide an exceptionally large grin)

WerewolfMaster: O.O OMG!! ARE YOU CURED!?

TheSicklySwordsman: My compliments to the healer.

WerewolfMaster: Oh my god! Riggs that's so amazing!!

IDontKnow: You're all better?! That's great instructor sir!!

Half-BloodDrowBoy: I extend my compliments to your healer as well!

TechnologicallySavvyNinja: I feel rather lost… but… like I should congratulate you as well, Riggs… sooo… congratulations?

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: Wow, Riggsy that's great! I'm so excited for you! Now you can sleep with Saph without getting blood all over her!

TheSicklySwordsman: -- I'll trust you to keep your nose out of my social life Ms. Lingerie

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: -cackles-

SexySirenGoddess: O.o wait… lack… there… of… You ain't coughing up blood no more!?

TheCookieQueen: Can you get a tan now? Your paper white skin is scary…

TheSicklySwordsman: Ha! I can do more than that! Actually I think I might just be naturally pale… But! I can run more than two yards!! I've been given professional permission (smug look)

WerewolfMaster: Yay!! O.O Hey, are we invited to your wedding?

SexySirenGoddess: Yeah! I expect front row seats!

TheSicklySwordsman: invited? Pah! You're part of it!

IDontKnow: O.O Oh my god, are you serious!? I don't know what to wear, I only have one dress! …except the ones that I… never mind

WerewolfMaster: Well then, let's go shopping, I—When is your wedding anyways…?

TheSicklySwordsman: not until autumn. Saphrin wants it before the leaves fall off the trees, but after they've turned (shrug) women know these things best, so I'm not questioning her…

TheHealer has just entered the chat

WerewolfMaster: Whoa, I just found this really awesome wedding dress online—Hey Riggs, you wanna ditch Saph and marry me instead?

TheHealer: O.o

WerewolfMaster: Oh shat. Bad timing, eh? Hahahaha

TheSicklySwordsman: O.O I wasn't going to do it, Saph, I swear!

TheHealer: XD But why not? Hell, I would!

WerewolfMaster: Heck yes! Come on Saph, let's run away together!!

ThatOneFireMage has just entered the chat

WerewolfMaster: ….

ThatOneFireMage: I do hope I'm not intruding, but someone told me this was the place for the East Fydine school class to hang out….

SexySirenGoddess: …-ponders name-

TheHealer: -hides huge sneaky grin-

TheSicklySwordsman: (happens to know the same thing Saph does)

TheCookieQueen: ….ponders….Instructor Cal!?

ThatOneFireMage: you must be Jason

TheCookieQueen: O.O Oh my gosh, I thought you were dead!!

SexySirenQueen: O.O OMG! Cal!!

WerewolfMaster: O.O tackles

DemuurIsMahLoverBoy: Yay!! You're alive!

ThatOneFireMage: :) well I'm glad you all appreciate my presence so much. You really have Saph to thank for it—I probably wouldn't have made it without her.

TheCookieQueen: -hugs Saph for saving my magic teacher-

TheHealer: Haha, so many people owe me their lives that I've just gotten into the habit of giving them back. I couldn't have saved you if you hadn't had the will to live—so you saved yourself, Cal, don't thank me.

ThatOneFireMage: Ha! I'm just thankful to exist!

TheSicklySwordsman: Aren't we all, just now?

- - - -

A/N: Two things: Firstly, Teague's letter should have strikethrough sections in it, but Ficpress doesn't support that, sooo they're the normal part of the font.

Secondly: Mia's foster father is a lycanologist, which is a scientist that studies werewolves and runewolves. As such, they do much close-quarters studying on full moons, sometimes…