March On

You know just the right words to say

And just the right things to do and

Just the perfect places to be

And how to be a gentleman

But you don't know how to feel rejected

Feel it fill your veins

Ensnare your soul

And have it there like a poison

For years

You don't know the down side of love

No, honey, you sure as hell don't

If you ever hurt the way I've hurt for so long

Just what would you do?

Would you just think of me?

Let me know that we will be okay

Think of me

Things right now just are not the same

Break away

From the expectations of my life

Who I'm supposed to be

Is sadly right along side you

And we'll march on

We may be side by side

But the distance is wide

But we'll march on

Like soldiers going on

Singing our own songs

Never right in tune

The sound waves killing my ears

We can only find a harmony

It's octaves and octaves apart

I think we're going sharp

Cause the nerves are sinking in

I have no words to say

I am lost and I am jealous

And I am done

So you'll keep on marching on

To the beat of her heart

While I wilt in the summer's sun

And fade to dust as you move on