How dare you say that I have no problem?

That I have no real reason to cry?

I do indeed have a situation here

And yours isn't any worse

Sure, you never get to see him

But I'm surrounded by him everyday

All I hear from him is how perfect she is

How nice she is

How freakin awesome she is

And you, I know you don't ever talk to him

And yeah, that sucks

That totally sucks

But my situation is no more worse than yours

And yours is no more worse than mine

I know it really seems so hard, and it is

But that doesn't mean that no one can imagine your pain

I have the same amount of pain you do

Different situations, same amounts of pain

Different people taking it in

It's almost an uncomparable thing

Our situations are so different, yet similarities exist

Shut up, we both have it bad

Don't try to make your situation seem worse

Let's not argue over something this dumb

And totally pointless

We both are in shitty positions here

Have I made you seem better off?


But you sure as hell have tried to make me feel guilty

Just for feeling awful and depressed

Two situations, two people

So different, yet so similar