Bronze Dreams

We talk all the time, just you and me

But our words are stupid and insignificant

I always laugh and all you can say

Is "okay"

Am I just a bronze medal to you?

Just there when you need a little extra ego?

Sometimes, I don't think you even care

Why am I even there?

Because if I were to leave

Just where would you be?

We never can have an exciting conversation

Trivial matters don't even make you smile

All you want to see is the gold

This marathon is getting old

Am I just a bronze medal to you?

All you want is that golden trophy

You don't really care at all

About the bronze

If I were stolen

Would you be sullen?

Someone out there will be content

Ecstatic, thrilled, overjoyed

With the bronze medal

Shining so dully in light of day

I just wish I could be gold