The Glass

I look down through the clear glass into the swirling black; my hands are cold and numb from being pressed against the cold surface. My breath escapes as a visible white vapor. I blink slowly as I watch what goes on behind the glass. It seems unreal . . . There is only this thin glass between me and what lies beyond.

For a long time I just lay there, looking through the glass. But, what's this? My breath is melting a hole in the glass. I set my mind on making it bigger: I want to see the other side.

It takes a long time, but soon I have a hole big enough for me. The day is warm, and the glass is weak. I peer into the hole, my hands gripping the edge. So this is the other side . . . But, what does my side look from theirs? Without hesitation, I pull myself into the hole.

I find myself falling, but falling slowly. There is a force resisting me, and it is chilling me to my bones.

I twist my body around to look up and I smile. So this is what it is like to see from the other side. Somehow, things look nicer from here.

I am still falling, and I look up at the glass above me. My entire body is cold from the water that lies beneath the glass. My breath escapes my as air bubbles that float up to the surface.

So this . . . Is the other side.

My thoughts grow fuzzy as I look through glass at the side that used to be mine. I find myself wondering what will happen when I hit the bottom. Is there even a bottom? How long will I last here, on the other side? And, when the ice melts . . . Will they find me?