A/N: I wrote this for my english class as a ballad. It concerns a subject which is close to my heart.


The young woman didn't listen to her mother

When she told her to be careful with boys.

"Don't trust them," she said, "I know how they are.

They like to treat girls like toys."

"Mother, I know," she said rolling her eyes.

But really, she didn't clearly see.

One year later, she was holding her baby,

And crying, "How could he leave me?"

"My darling girl," she cried out loud

As she handed off her baby,

"If I could, I'd keep you forever,

But I'm afraid you'll be just like me."

Ten years later, a girl asked a question.

"Mommy," she asked, very shy,

"Why don't I look like you and Daddy?"

She waited for a reply.

The mother was shocked, though she knew this would come,

And she knew exactly what to say.

"Your mother," she said, "loved you very much,

And I know she wanted you to stay.

But she knew if you did, she'd do wrong by you

And you wouldn't be as happy and free."

The mother hugged her child as she began to sob,

And cry, "How could she leave me?"

Ten more years passed, and the girl left her home.

She waited in an office with butterflies.

She stood as an older woman approached her.

Unsure, she held back her "whys."

"Mother?" the girl asked with a trembling voice,

"Mother, is that really you?"

The woman nodded and held out her arms,

Holding her with a coo.

They cried and they cried and they talked of much,

And finally, the girl asked the query,

The one that had been burning in her for years.

She sighed, "How could you leave me?"

"My dear," the woman said, shaking her head.

She knew this question would come,

And she knew exactly what she would say,

Although her tongue felt numb.

"I did it to save your unlived life,

That's why we had to part.

You would have become just like me,

And that would've broken my heart."

The woman gave her daughter a hug, so tight,

And many more would ensue.

"Now my darling, daughter, dear,

That's why I had to leave you."