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Romantic Betrayal

Recap from last chapter

He picked up the dagger, with tears running rivulets down his cheeks, inched the dagger ever closer to his exposed neck.

End recap

Kiana got into the house about a minute later. She carried Sam asleep in her arms and tucked him into bed. She walked slowly down the hall and pushed the door open. When it didn't open fully she looked in, a confused look no her face until she saw what was stopping her door. She ran inside when she saw the collapsed body of Ezekial and a pool of blood slowly forming around his neck. She turned him over and grabbed around until she found some cloth and put it on his neck, carefully putting pressure on it.

She looked around a saw her portable phone sitting just beyond arms reach. In the blink of an eye she let go of his neck and grabbed the phone then was putting pressure on his neck. She dialed the hospital and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello?" was said on the other line

"I need an ambulance, he's cut his throat, he's bleeding to death!" Kiana said frantically into the phone

"Calm down, the ambulance will be there in five minutes." She said

"Thank you" Kiana said gratefully

Kiana then dialed Destiny's phone number


"Hey, Destiny it's Kiana."

Hearing the fear and panic in her friends voice she immediately grew concerned "What's happened? Is Samuel OK?"

"Samuel and I are fine, it's Ezekial, he's cut his throat."

"My god, do you need me to come over?"

"Please, I don't want Samuel to have to see Ezekial like this."

"I'll be over soon."

"See you soon."

"Yea, 'Bye" Kiana hung up

When a knock came on her front door she gently tied the cloth behind Ezekial's neck and answered the door.

Kiana led the paramedics to her room where they took over. While they got Ezekial ready to transport Kiana noticed a note lying on her bed. She picked it up and sat down on her bed:

My dearest,

I love you more then you can know. Yes, I made a huge mistake by leaving and I'm really and truly sorry. If I could take these past 3 years back I would. Once someone asked me if I could go back in time and change one event in my life, which one would it be? I couldn't answer him then because I've had so many events happen in my life that I want to change. I can now easily answer that question, If there's one event I could change, it would be when I got you pregnant. If I hadn't, none of this would have happened. I'm really and truly sorry for leaving.

Your Always


Kiana laid the note done, crying.

"Miss, we're ready to take him away, would you like to accompany him?" a young paramedic asked

Kiana nodded, she couldn't speak, a lump had swelled in her throat blocking her ability to speak. She followed the procession of medics out to their car. Destiny arrived just as she got outside. Destiny walked up and hugged her.

"Where is he?" Destiny asked simply

"He's asleep in his room." Kiana answered, working the words around the lump in her throat.

Destiny nodded and went inside the house as Kiana climbed into the back of the ambulance.

They got to the hospital. Kiana was in the waiting room while the doctors were working hard to save his life.

'Why do I care so much?' Kiana thought to herself as she sat in a chair with her knees drawn up to her chin. 'Didn't I tell him I hate him and felt nothing but disgust for him?' she kept thinking. 'Is it because I actually love him? Was I lying when I said I hated him?' the thoughts swirled around in her head 'Do I still love him? Or is it just the compassion and instinct that is built into all of us?' the thoughts swirled even more 'Or do I actually love him, was it just my anger at him leaving that's been rearing it's head the past few days or were they my actual feelings?' The thoughts swirled around in her head so much she began to feel dizzy and fell asleep. She woke up several hours later.

"Miss Torris?" the nurse called from the door

"Yes?" Kiana asked as she walked up to the petite young woman

"We've done all we can." She said

"Is he going to live?"

"Yes, thanks to you."

"Can I go see him?" Kiana asked hopefully

"Of course. It's a miracle really, he cut his throat but he didn't damage any thing inside of it" The nurse said and led her down the hall to where Ezekial was.

The entire way there Kiana grew increasingly nervous. 'Will he take me back? Is he upset at me?' she thought frantically 'Of course he isn't, he said he loved you in his note.'

The thoughts swirled in her head until she thought she was going to faint. Finally they came to Ezekial's room. The nurse let her in then walked off.

"Ezekial?" Kiana asked tentatively as she took a chair next to his bed and sat in it.

Ezekial opened his eyes "Kiana" he said softly

"Ezekial, I'm sorry." Kiana apologized

"There is nothing to be sorry for." Ezekial spoke

"If I had never said I hated you, you wouldn't be here." Kiana whispered, tears spilling over her eyes

"I shouldn't have left, if I hadn't left none of this would have happened." Ezekial whispered

"I lied." Kiana said through her tears, "I said that I hated you and was disgusted by you, I lied. I really do love you, I was just so angry when you left that when you came back all that anger rose up every time I saw you." Kiana explained

"I still should not have left." Ezekial said simply, "Do you want to give us one more shot?" Ezekial asked

"Yes." Was all Kiana said and all she needed to say. She leaned forward slightly and gently kissed him on the lips.

"I've missed that." Ezekial whispered when they broke

"As have I." Kiana replied.

Kiana opened her cell phone and called Destiny

"Hey, Destiny could you bring Samuel over?……Thanks, ask the nurse for Ezekial's room……..Ok, bye" Kiana hung up

"What was that about?" Ezekial asked

"I thought you might want to meet your son" Kiana smiled

"Of course, thank you"

Kiana and Ezekial continued talking until a sound was heard from the door

"DADDY!!!!" an instant later there was a little lump on Ezekials chest

"Hi, Samuel" Ezekial smiled

Destiny smiled at the newly reunited family and closed the door to give them sometime to catch up.

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