I Believe

The mistake that started it all

The regret that came after

I knew...

I was wrong

You knew...

I was sorry

But it wasn't that easy

Bitter words pierced my heart

That made me think to myself...

This will tear us apart

I love you...

You said

I promise you the world...

You said

You are everything to me....

You said

None of that mattered

Except all the




That raced inside my head

Hitting me like a bullet

I trembled

Collapsing to the floor

I fell

Screaming out loud

I cried

What happened?

I wondered...

Where did we go wrong?

I questioned...

Why did you want to walk away?

I couldn't understand...

How could I love such a person?

I had to figure out why...

An unforgettable feeling

We couldn't escape

Don't give up

We both promised

Let's work through this

We told each other

Forget about the pain

We both said

It's not worth ending the happiness

We thought

We can get passed this

I believe

Trust me if you


Promise yourself this will be forgotten

If you believe

Say it with me...

If you believe


I believe.