if when

if you
cannot reach the evaporated water
in the sky
will you shrivel up and die?

if you
impale yourself
on skewer rocks
will you struggle
and make the hole
bigger, bigger, bigger?

when you are in a blender
like broccoli and carrots for a powerdrink
do you think of what you will be
or do you press your nose
to the safety glass
and hopelessly wish you were free?

if you
were a toadstool
would you let fairies sit on you
like a common mule
or would you poison them
and dance your hyphae on their graves?

if you
are scared and hysterical
blurring the line between laugh and cry
will you scream
and walk home through the razor lallang?

when the world lies in your shredder
and the telephone line is dead
i hope you remember that my shoulder is your hanky
and i am your beefsteak.

-kismet. 28th march
for ohmm and icykayle and arcanum-zw

a/n: there is a menace called the creative arts program. our school has not received the results. ohmm has made it.
cheeseworth, formerly fugacious, has made it, the only one of us to know. frisson rae, icykayle, and the rest of us are stressing.
the swear word of the day is OCTOPUS and my skin is the colour of cocoa pops in coconut milk.