Am I different?
I'm standing here in the middle of the playground.
Faces spinning around me.
Am I so different?
I ask as your grinning faces surrownd me.
Am I a weirdo?
Isnt that what tou always call me?
When you hit me and kick me and taunt me.

You press your face up to mine and say I'm :
A freak, I'm a geek.
I don't deserve to be here today and you say:
You're fat, you're thin, you've got black or white skin.
Whatever you say it's always the same cos I'm different..

Am I stupid?
Why do I let you do this to me?
You make me believe I'm so different.
Am I so stupid?
Why cant I stand up to you?
Am I a swot?
That word that you use a lot.

You push me and steal my bag and you laugh,
and you say: you're ugly, you're pretty.
I drown in self pity.
I'm depressed and I'm stresses and you've messed up my head.
Cos I'm different.

I'm so different from everyone else.
I'm so different from how you see yourself.
Cos your world is different.
So you pick on me and anyone else who'll let you.
We're all different (we're different)
We're all special.
It's you that's different from us.
It's you that needs help.