I keep fighting my love for you
Because I know it can't be real
This feeling I'm not supposed to feel
But still I keep skipping every meal

Because these butterflies in my stomach
Keep me from feeling hungry
Deny me to notice and see
That you and I should never be

You're so far away, but yet so close
I can almost feel your breath
I have to get you out of my head
But I'm about to give in instead

Because these butterflies in my stomach
Make me smile over and over again
They fade away my stress and pain
Love and joy is all we have to gain

Yes, I know we're hurting her with this
But I can't stay away from you
Everything you are and everything you do
Makes me wanna hang on to you

So unless you tell me to let them go
I won't kiss them goodbye
They're what keep me by your side
These beautiful, flying butterflies