by: trista groulx

Can't you understand?
Forgiveness is impossible for me!
That was impossible for me!
You asked me to be truthful if I ever strayed
And if I ever had I would have done just that
You said it was impossible for you to cheat
While it was only a kiss
You hid it form the world
Even hid it from me
And maybe you're right it was nothing
But your hiding it made it seem like something more
I shouldn't have been able to forgive you
Cause I never forgive, nor give a second chance
I always thought that was impossible
But I did forgive, to show my heart
I did the impossible for our love
Now I'm trying the impossible again
Not going to my rock, my soft place
When the shit hits the fan, like it has and will
But I'm going to try so hard
I'm trying so hard!
It will take all my willpower
But I will give you the time you need
Even though I think it's impossible
So if I succeed in another impossible feat
Will you try the impossible for me?