Oh no, oh no!

Please, don't make me go!

I don't want them to see me!

I don't want them to know!

You can't get me to talk!

You can't get me to show!

No, no, no

I'll never ever show!

..but I can talk of nonsense,

You'd never even know!

Like I said, I'll never tell,

Ding! And there goes the bell!

I finally get to take my leave

And my story you shant recieve!

Author's note: I wrote this in 2003. Uhm, ... Wow. I was freaking out. I remember writing this, actually. I just wanted to be left alone, left to my own world of insanity and illusions. I got help anyways. I said I needed help, but who isn't scared to get it, right? I mean, I certainly was.