She sits alone about this place,

Loneliness shows on her face,

No one to help her go along,

For what she did was very wrong,

Locked in her chamber, where she must sleep,

Her loneliness drives her to weep,

In her dreams, a nightmare runs,

Speaking in riddles, telling of puns,

Misunderstanding, she wakes with a fright,

To hear the pure silence of the night,

Fears swells inside, and sanity's lost,

Her breathing turns cold as midnight's frost,

Something appears in a corner so near,

A fingers is pointing, beckoning "Come here."

She draws back slowly, her head to her thigh,

Loudly she's yelling "I don't want to die!"

The black robed figured draws ever near,

As the scared little girl squeals with fear,

Slowly it reaches, puts a scythe at her back,

Then ever so quickly delivers a hack,

Her head rolls slowly to the floor,

Lonely, she shall be no more.