This is an impulse write. True date is unknown at the moment. Somewhere in the beginning of March 2005 preferably. :D

There is No Happiness

Why do you hate me?
Why do you torment me?
Why must I be lonely?

I try to stay away from contact
Try to not hurt
But somehow
I'm always hurt

Tears of pain
And self loathing
Joys all down the drain
Hopes are nothing

There is no happiness
Only pain
No love
But hatred

I just want to die
Is that so hard to ask?
Why can't I die?
Why can't today be my last?

There is nothing
Nothing here for me
The world hates me
And all I feel
All I ever feel
Is pain

Why again?

Why can't I be happy?
Why can't I be free?
Why can't I
Live with someone who loves me?

And with this
I say my last
Dying words
While hoping
For more
But never
Receiving anything

I die tonight
And I know you
Won't miss me