Don't you just hate the first day of school?

Yeah, I do. It's so annoying and it sucks. What's worse is that it's my first day of High school. Wondrous, right? What I really hate is the pressure that it brings. You tediously pick out outfits the night before to wear. You can't sleep during the night because you think of all the things that could go wrong. You wonder how many new friends you'll make, or how your teachers will be. It's a pain in the ass.

Now, I wont start this saying, "Oh! I'm not worried about all that! I'm just playing it cool and not caring." That will be giving you a load of bull. I'll admit it; I'm scared shitless. I don't want to start a new school; I was just getting used to my old one. I don't want to make new friends; I enjoy the ones I have. Nerves are eating at me like maggots and I feel so scared of everything; the huge school, the scary huge people, the scary teachers that don't want me to pass.

But what can I do now? It's too late. I'm already at this excuse you call a school, sitting in my first period, waiting for the second bell to ring. Luckily, I went to orientation during the summer, so I know my way around the school a bit. I made sure my brother dropped me off early so I didn't have to deal with scary, annoying people, and I waited by my classroom until the first bell rang. I'm not a nerd or anything, I'm just not comfortable in this place.

My first class was English… honors. Let me explain something. I hate my parents. Not hate in that sense of the word, but I dislike them. So, I do everything in my power to piss them off. I slack, I'm lazy and I go against everything they say. Also, I do this because I have a perfect brother. Straight A student, social, has a lovely girlfriend, plays the sax, piano and violin, and will be going to the University of Miami. But despite this, I cannot disappoint my parents in my academics. Why? Two reasons. One, I'm smart as Hell. I'm like one of those people you envy because they have half of their credits done by the time they get into High school and they take College courses. And two, I hate sitting in a classroom, with a whole bunch of idiots who don't know how to read, learning absolutely nothing. I'm kind of a nerd. Shut up. I'm allowed to contradict myself. But back to my topic, that is why I have honor courses. I couldn't get into AP courses until my sophomore year so I'm bored 'til then.

The second bell rings, everyone is settled in a seat of their choosing and we stare at the front of the classroom, waiting for the teacher to tell us useless information we don't give a damn about. Luckily, this teacher isn't old, but a seemingly nice woman in her mid 30's. Blonde hair, obviously dyed since I can see her dark roots, and dark brown eyes. She has a sweet voice, but I drone her out anyway, because I really don't care what she has to say. Then she starts to call our names out and wants us to tell the class our favorite thing to do. Yay, next we get to eat snacks and play until nap-time.

Joe likes computers. Ashley does cheerleading. Rosa does track. Blah blah, freaking blah. Then after wasting 20 minutes, it's my name that is to be called next. Let's hope she gets it right.

"Shoo," She looks surprised as she looks at the rest of my name, "Constanzo Telechee"

"Miss, it's Shoo-eh Con-stan-zo Te-ye-che-ah."

She laughs nervously and tells me to go on. God, I'm already hating her.

"I like to send viruses to other people's computers."

I smile. She gives me that look that says 'I'm going to make sure you get no grief from me.' Oh, and that's a lie. I don't really like computers in the first place. I'm more of a reading/ video game freak. Now, to explain a little about me that may seem odd. My name. I am a Cuban Chinese little boy. The Chinese is from my grandfather. Now, the gene pool likes to screw things up, so I'm the only one in my family who got the certain genetic code to make me look Asian. Because of this, my parents decided to give me an Asian-sounding first name and a very Hispanic middle and last name. You just got to love the way people think these days.

And so first period ensues and I'm left to drown my mind in boredom.

Lunch. Great isn't it? Horrible food, long lines, a constant roar from the chatter of people trying to talk over other people, and the millions of people. God, I fucking hate this school. I just stand in the middle of the large patio, like an idiot. Why don't I sit with friends you ask? Simple, none of my friends go to this school. My best friend Frank, lives in a different district than mine and so he goes to a nice school. My parents are too lazy to take me to a school that's ten minutes farther. Two of my friends go to a private school, because their parents were tired of them going to public school. And the last of my friends got accepted to a magnet school for drama. So, I have no friends and no where to sit. This is freaking great.

Well, I see an empty bench under a big tree that's calling my name. There's some good news. I walk there and sit, looking around at the other people in their own benches talking and laughing and sharing stories of the summer. This school has a way of just boosting up my self-esteem. Note the sarcasm. I have no lunch, nor do I intend to buy any. I don't like to eat much. I just like a little snack or something, but in my half asleep state this morning at home I forgot to pick up something to eat.

I just want school to be over already. My first three periods were hell. The same annoying things repeated over and over, dirty looks from people who don't know me, boredom eating away at me. Now this; loneliness. I sigh and lay my head down on the table. This really did suck. I close my eyes and wait to hear the bell.

"Hey there!"

My eyes pop open to look at a smiling idiot before me. He was a tall guy, probably 6 feet. Tan skin, long-ish, shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, a shapely face and defined muscle under a black, tight shirt while a pair of baggy jeans covered his long legs. I could guess he's a senior by the way he walks; confident, knowing exactly where he was going. His stupid smile was starting to annoy me. Stupid oaf, saying hello to his friends, has to wake me up from the only escape I had before I had to continue on with school.

I closed my eyes and went back to my world. I could feel two people settle down across me. I felt like screaming. Now they're going to start their annoying conversations and keep me from my dream realm. I wish I could go home already.

A light hand touched my shoulder. I nearly growled, but restrained myself and instead opened my eyes and pick my head up to look at the person who had awoken me. Apparently the people who had settled across from me were the oaf and a friend of his. His friend was smaller than him, but obviously taller than me. He was fair-skinned and a bit thin. He had long, blue hair that was tied into a high ponytail, and his brown eyes stared at me with concern. He wore lots of studs on his ears and a long silver chain with a oval locket hung around his neck. I could also see he was wearing a tight, navy, off-the-shoulder shirt. All together, he had a female air to him.

"Are you alright?" The effeminate one asked me in a soft voice.

"I'm fine."

The oaf smiled. "Heya! You must be a freshman! How's your first day going?"


There was an awkward silence. I really do pray they leave me alone. The oaf's smile is really getting on my nerves. Bluey-I decided to call him- smiled sweetly at me and held out a hand.

"I'm Lysander Montego."

I take the hand, "Shue Tellechea." Like hell I'm going to say my middle name.

Then the oaf took my hand, "I'm Jake McGuire."

He has a name. Dammit, I liked calling him oaf. Insert mental smirk. Now, since we have all been introduced, they get to stay. Fuck! Dammit, I should've just kept quiet. There goes my quiet time by myself. Though, it does feel better to have two people acknowledge my existence.

"Can I see your schedule real quick?" The oa- I mean, Jake asked.

The request seemed odd to me. Why would a senior want to look at a freshman's schedule? I'm not going to have the same classes as him, if that's what he's thinking. I pulled out the neatly folded paper out of my bag and hand it over to him. I have a thing with organization. There's nothing wrong with that, right? ….. Shut up. Lysander leans over and looks on with Jake at my schedule.

"Ms. Smith is easy. Mr. Bernell will give you a bit of trouble if you don't write down everything he says. Mr. Hampton is alright. Oh! You have German class with me! That's cool! Now, I won't be horribly bored!"

Shit. Dammit dammit dammit dammit. Cruel, cruel fates, why must you curse me like this? I only took German because I needed a language course and I already know Spanish and my parents wanted me to take either French or Italian. Which gets me to wonder, if he's a senior, as I believe him to be, why is he taking a language course in his final year of high school?

"It would look better on my scholarship if I knew an extra language. Plus, it makes me look smart."

You read my mind didn't you little oaf. Oh, you did, and that is odd. And sorry to crush your dreams, but you won't ever look smart. Silly, silly little oaf, it's alright, the world will accept you in the end… after the suicide. Heh heh, I love my sense of humor.

Awkward silence number two happens. You could leave now. You did your good deed for the day; now leave before the bell rings. Oh too late, there it is. Crap.

As quickly as I could, I grabbed my schedule and my bag and left for my German class. I know it's stupid to leave in such a rush since I'll just see Jake the Oaf in the mentioned German class, but I just don't deal with others easily. You obviously saw that. I don't do conversations unless they're my friends. To fill you in, it took me 3 years to gain the friends I have. I'm not very trusting of others. I have acceptance issues. Tell me what teenager doesn't. There, that shut you up.

I reach my German class easy and find a seat in the very back. I lay my head on my arms that are crossed on my desk in hopes of avoiding Jake. I pray he doesn't see me and decides to take a seat some other place away from me.

I just want this day to end already so I can go home.

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