This past week has been hell. I've tried to get Shue to tell me what his costume is but he wouldn't tell me! I've tried everything to get it out of him. I've tried hugging, tickling, groping (I enjoyed that X3) and nothing to show for my efforts. All could get from him was a 'you'll find out' with a bright blush on his cute face. It's really hard to pry something out of him. Not only that but, I can't be too forceful because I'll know he'll freak out on me. He's had a lot of near freak-outs because Jake cannot contain his libido.

Because he didn't tell me what his costume is I've been having dreams, dreams of him in all sorts of costumes. I've dreamed of him in everything from normal clothing to a nurse's outfit. He looked damn sexy in a nurse's outfit too. I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep because of those dreams. I feel sorry for the washing machine; all those sheets it has to clean. Hey! I'm a healthy, horny, teenage, American male, it's normal.

But, finally! Halloween is here. I get to see Shue in his costume. No more dreams!

It's currently eight thirty and Shue should be coming soon from Trick-or-Treating with his friends, Sam and Joe. I'm already at the party. The house is completely packed full of people. The music is so loud that you can't even here yourself over it. Everyone is pressed together to dance to the eerie rock music. They're all pretending to be someone else, because that's what Halloween is about. You can dress up and be someone you're not. That's why people still dress up for Halloween when they're older. They're strobe lights, black lights, fog and several well placed decorations making the house look chilling on the inside but it's welcoming outside.

I am standing by the drinks and snacks, waiting for Shue to arrive. I don't really like parties like these. The drinks are spiked, there's a stash of beer that everyone's rushing to and all it really is, is an excuse to screw some stranger without your girlfriend or boyfriend finding out. I just came for the temptation of having Shue pressed up against me as we danced to the music. Then when the party's over, I'll have him sleeping beside me because he'll be too tired to make a bed on the floor. Otherwise, even if my friends had begged me, I wouldn't have come.

I turned my attention to the slight commotion by the door. Someone must have arrived wearing an amazing costume. I had to see. I walked through the large crowd of people dancing, which is no easy task. I made it through the crowd of people near the door and looked at the three people standing there. My whole body went numb.

Shue and his two friends were at the door. Sam was dressed like a psycho, hair in disarray, his eyes sunken, surrounded by thick eyeliner and this feral grin was on his lips, his teeth gleaming in the light. His clothes were torn and dirty and there were broken chains on his wrists and no shoes. Joe was wearing something out of the olden days; fine clothes that looked like they were made out of pure silk. They were in dark colors that make him look like royalty. His face looked proud and slightly smug and a bright, golden crown was perched upon his head. But the one that was the shocker was Shue.

He kind of stood behind those two, hoping they would shield everyone's gaze from him, but I could still see him. His pale, creamy chest was bare for all to see its perfection. His arms were gloved in fingerless, lime-green, leather gloves that ended on his upper bicep. He wore a tight, lime-green, leather mini-skirt that hung low on his hips -making his hip bones look so tempting to touch- and ended mid-thigh. On the left side on the skirt there was a slit but it was tied by a small, silk lace. He wore knee-high black boots to try and cover the rest of his legs. His head was bent, but I could see the bright blush on his face. I could also see he was wearing dark eyeliner to make his eyes look even more unearthly. There was green eye shadow over his lids and glitter highlighted his cheeks. Long, dark bangs, that brushed his cheeks, tried to cover his eyes, but failed at hiding the ethereal, golden beauty. What really caught my attention was on his neck. Around his slim neck was a green choker with a small chain that connected to the belt on his skirt. The costume was complete with two glittery, green fairy wings on his back.

He made one sexy fairy. I was left jaw slack and eyes wide. In none of my dreams had I imagined him in that. He was so sexy and exposed to the world. He looked like some kind of sex slave and the psycho and prince were his masters. No wonder he didn't want to tell me what his costume was. He looked like he was going to die from blushing!

His eyes moved around, searching for me. I was too stunned to speak, to tell him that I was here so he wouldn't be so vulnerable to hungry stares. Hesitantly, he grabbed a hold of Sam's torn sleeve. Sam looked back at him, read his nervous eyes and nodded, his grin changing to smile kindly at the younger boy. All three began walking to the party, Shue clinging to Sam for protection.

It snapped me out of my daze and made me angry for some reason. I know I have a good relationship with Shue and that he trusts me and all that. It's just that I get jealous easily when it comes to him. He's such a beautiful creature and I know that if I weren't protecting him all the time, he would have been jumped and raped after the first week of school.

With my slight jealousy, I walked behind them. I wrapped a possessive arm around Shue's waist. God, his skin was so warm and soft. A shiver involuntarily ran down my spine. Immediately, Shue turned around. His whole face lit up as looked at me. Those pouty, glossed lips were pulled into a smile that I couldn't help but smile back at.

"Jake," he sighed

Sam and Joe turned around. They both slightly glared at the sight of my arm around Shue's waist. Screw them. They can be all motherly all they like, it doesn't matter. Shue likes me more. I had the biggest temptation to stick my tongue out at them.

"So, the pirate comes to steal away the maiden?" Sam asks, still glaring at me, his grin acting like a warning to me.

Shue blushed. He turned around to glare at Sam.

"I'm not a girl!"

"It's a shame." His hand went up to grip Shue's chin. My eyes narrowed. "You would be gorgeous as a female. I guess just dressing you up will have to do."

I glared at the invading hand. Sam knew where my eyes were focused and continued to grin. He slowly removed his hand, his fingertips fluttering over Shue's chin as they left. He's such an asshole. He gives me his feral grin again as if daring me to do something to the fairy boy. Defiantly, I rested my chin on top of Shue's head. His eyes narrowed, but he turned around and grabbed at Joe.

"Be careful, my little fairy boy. I'll check up on you later."

His hand was raised up in goodbye and he dragged Joe to some random part of the house. I won the battle, but there was still a war between him and I. Shaking Sam's annoying tendencies from my head, I looked down at the gorgeous boy. He looked up at me, that cute blush of his staining his cheeks. I gave him a reassuring smile and took my arm away from his waist.

He was about to say something, but I cut him off by grabbing his arm and dragging him to the center of the large dance crowd in the living room. I began to dance a bit, but he stood still, unsure of what to do. He looked down at his feet, nervous and shy. God, how many times will I think he's adorable before it finally sinks in? I grinned. I grabbed his hand again and pulled him toward me. He nearly tripped over his feet as I pulled him further into the crowd so our bodies would be pressed together. When I was pleased with our position, I began to dance again. The way my body moved against his made him began to move to the rhythm. My hands found his waist, but he didn't seem to mind as we continued to dance.

For around an hour or two we were like that. Our bodies, moving with the rhythm; the pace changing as the music changed; his body swaying and moving in time with mine; his skin whispering across mine, sending shivers down my spine. It was intoxicating. We had to stop though. Our feet were weary and I don't think we had enough oxygen to go on.

We headed toward the little snack table. Shue grabbed the nearest cup available. He gulped it down quickly, slightly grimacing at the taste. He looked even more rape-able than before. His face was flushed and the sweat on his skin made him glow. Plus, his skirt kept riding up. Hee hee.

After drinking another cup, he leant against me. If you couldn't tell, I wasn't really that tired. Obviously, he was. Well, that was my signal that we should be heading home. I began to drag him to the door and he looked like he wanted to kill me. I was about to carry him, but as soon as my hands swooped down to try and grab his legs, he yelped and scurried to the door with a bright blush on his face. It made my eyebrow rise.

It was around midnight, I noticed in my car, staring at the digital clock. I left at the right time. Parties are never any fun after midnight. Or any of the parties I've been to. Does it show that I don't like them very much? Ok. Good. Just making sure you know.

The trip from my buddy's house to mine was about half an hour, so Shue got to rest his weary body. Have I ever mentioned how incredible he looks sleeping? He looked so peaceful. Despite the world being full of wars and chaos; greed and betrayal; heartbreak and bitterness, he looks at peace with everything. None of that horrible crap that surrounds him everyday can touch him while he's off in his own fantasy. Wow, that sounded horribly cheesy. I really need to stay away form my mother's romance novels. They are affecting my thoughts.

Every once in a while, I snuck glances at him, careful not to crash because of my distraction. Somehow, we arrived safely at my house. It was nearly painful to wake him up. But those bleary golden eyes, peaking beneath heavy lashes, were worth it. He had to lean against me the whole time we were walking into my room. My mom said her hello as we passed, but didn't want to do the whole greeting thing as she saw how tired Shue was. Poor boy.

When we reached my room, without hesitation, he fell onto my bed, face first. He moaned at the plush, soft feel of my feather mattress. That was unusual for him…but very pleasing for me. I sat down on the edge of the bed, next to his lying form. I knew he wasn't going to move very soon so I took the liberty of taking off his boots. He made no protest, thankfully. Then I just stared at him. I couldn't take my eyes away from his bare back.

I don't know why, but there is something fascinating about someone's back that interests me. I started at the top of his skirt, upward to the small of his back, following his spine. He's not too thing, but just thin enough to see the bones on his spine. His shoulder blade so awkward on someone's back, but that just makes them more intriguing. My hands began to follow my eyes. Shue was already asleep, so he didn't jolt or push my hands away. The creamy skin was gentle and smooth as my hands glided over his back. The warmth made my skin tingle.

My fingers stopped at the base of his neck. His hair was off to one side, so his neck was exposed to my gaze. It was near perfect, except for that choker that made it seem like anyone could claim him as theirs. My fingers were swift in undoing the thing and pulling it away from my vision. The pale flesh was now ready for my viewing pleasure. My fingers were light as they caressed the soft skin. I felt captivated by the contrast of my tanned fingers against his pale skin. That illuminating, white skin….

His hair smelled like gardenias. On hand went to entangle itself in the silky mess. I noticed then, that I had lain down next to him. My face was very close to Shue's neck, my breath brushing across that tempting skin. I didn't even know I was kissing his neck until I felt how warm it was beneath my lips.

I pulled back when I felt Shue start to shift. He shifted to lie on his side and scooted so he was close to my body. His eyes were still closed. I made sure of that before lowering my head to kiss his shoulder. I kissed up along the shoulder to that one spot where the neck and shoulder adjoin. I sucked on it lightly, and then ran my tongue over it. Shue twitched. I wanted to be a little more deviant and sucked on that spot harder, bringing my teeth to nibble on the tender flesh. This time he gasped. I pulled my head back again to look at him.

Again, gold peeked beneath tired lids to stare at me. I smiled at him albeit a bit impishly as he brought a hand up to rub at his eyes. That hand went down to touch his neck. I managed a small, pink mark. His cheeks turned bright red. His hand covered the mark as he glared at me with sleepy eyes.

"You bit me." He said quietly, in his angry tone.

"I needed you to wake up. You can't sleep in a skirt, you know."

"You didn't have to bite me. You're a pirate, not a vampire."

He sat up and stretched. I just smiled at him as he stared at me for a moment. Then he began to undo the buckles on his sleeves. His brows furrowed as he tried to get it undone. I sat up.

"Need some help?"

"Not from vampiric pirate."

With that he finally got it undone and pulled the sleeve off. After that, he got the other sleeve off easily. He was about to go for the skirt, but he stopped. Oh yeah… the wings. I'd forgotten they were there and apparently, so did he. He tried to reach behind him to grab the wings, but of course that didn't work. He tried to pull off the see-through straps on his chest, but that didn't work either. He was rather charming frustrated.

Without a word, my hands went to his chest. His head shot up and he eyed me warily. Ignoring his gaze, my fingers slipped underneath the straps. Slowly, and carefully, I pulled the straps over his shoulders and down to his elbow. My hands caressed every bit of skin on the trail. He took a hint and slipped his arms out one at a time. I smiled at him, wings in hand, while he just blushed.


He stood and went over to one of my drawers. Because I had been inviting him to my house so much, there is a drawer dedicated to all of his clothes. There weren't many, but it's fun to have his clothes at my house.

Hm…I should change my clothes as well. That'll be simple. I took off the vest I had on and threw it carelessly to the floor. The white dress shirt and shorts followed. I'm ready for bed. No, I'm not nude. I have on boxers.

At that same moment, Shue was walking to the trash. He had on boxers with little bones on them and a white shirt. He was carrying his skirt in one hand. He stopped in front of the trash can, gave the green mass one last glare before throwing into the trash. My jaw fell open.

"Why'd you do that?" I whined.

It would be great to see him in it again. He walked over to me.

"It was ugly and was a stupid idea to ever wear."

"You looked so cute in it though!"

His glare moved to me. He huffed and walked to the other side of the bed. Ah, he thinks he can get off like that. No way.

He was about to climb the bed and I pounced. We both fell onto the bed as I tickled him mercilessly. He squirmed and giggled, his hands trying to push mine away. Of course that failed. I'm much stronger than he is, giving me such a good advantage. His legs were kicking me, so I needed to find a new way to pin him. Without stopping my torture, I shifted so I was above him, straddling his thighs. Now he really couldn't move. He could only squirm beneath me as my fingers tortured his ribs.

"Stop! Jake stop. My stomach hurts." He said between giggles.

Obediently, I stopped. Shue's giggles stopped immediately. That's when I noticed how he was. He was stretched out beneath me, face flushed, his breath coming in ragged pants, his shirt ridden up to expose his chest. This looked so incredibly perverted. I got off of him, if I'd stayed any longer, I might've raped him.

I had lain down on my side, facing him. He moved so he faced me as well. A big smiled was plastered on his face. The sight of it made my lips curl into a goofy grin. His sweet smile was broken by a long yawn. I did wake him up… and I was kind of tired as well. I reached over him and turned off the lamp on the nightstand.

Almost instantly, Shue moved up against me. His head was right under my chin and his hands were against my chest. I could feel his heart beat against mine. I pulled the covers over us before wrapping my arms around him.

"G'night Jake." He said sleepily.

Moments later he was sound asleep. I swear he is such a little kid when it comes to sleeping. He can sleep so easily! I couldn't sleep but that's ok. I didn't really want to sleep. I wanted to enjoy the sweet aroma of gardenias. I wanted to revel in the warmth he emitted and be soothed by his slow, calmed breaths. My devil decided to pop in right then, the little bastard that he is, ruining my moment of peace.

'Y'know what's great about this Halloween?' he whispered as if he could wake Shue if he spoke any louder.

I was silent. How was I supposed to know what was going on in his mind. Wow that sounded really odd. He chuckled.

'You didn't go trick-or-treating and you still got a treat.'

Heh heh. He was right about that.

Author's Notes:

Finally! After so long I update this thing! I've been working on another story and school started so I didn't have time for my little Shue. But I did it! I made another chapter. I'm so proud. This chapter was kind of rushed, since I really wanted to get rid of the whole Halloween thing. Anyway! I need a beta… so is anyone is willing come to me. Ok. Thankies for the reviews!!!! I luv ya'll!! 'Til the next chapter!