I'm screaming
Screaming with no voice
Unheard I go
Forever through the worlds throe

Screaming unheard in this cruel world
Pain of misunderstanding
Hurt of being deceived by the ever hating snake
Love but a mystery

Why can't anyone hear me?
Am I just an imaginary figure?
Something to take their anger out on?

A release for frustration is all I am

No one cares for me
They hate me through and through
Why else would they scream at me?
Give my words no room?

I cry silent tears of hurt and pain
Everything I say goes unheard
No one cares
No one ever cares

I am all alone
A voice with no voice
An unheard spectacle
A painful memory

They just want me gone
I know
They don't care
They don't mind throwing me into the world's throe

I am nothing to them
I am just a release
A release of all pent up anger
Of hatred
Of hurt

I am their outlet
And all my cries go unheard
No one cares how I feel
They don't even try to see me

No one cares
No one ever cares

The pain I face is all but a mystery to them
My hearts desires but a whimsical friend

No one cares for who I want to be
No one cares for me

I am nothing
Just an outlet
For frustration

I am unheard
Screaming with no voice
Crying without tears
Sobbing upon unheard ears

No one cares
No one ever cares

So I'll continue to scream
To scream unheard
To scream with no voice

My hopes are in vain
No one will ever hear me

I am the silent one
Forever bound to the quiet

Never will I be heard

Never will I be cared for

I am nothing

Just an outlet

Always an outlet

No one cares

No one ever cares