Straight From the Heart

a million tears between past and present
a million miles between here and there
where the dead of winter lingers
lost between decay and despair
wrapped in a blanket of thorns
blinding herself and binding her fear
a wall of doubt no chivalry could climb
no love could penetrate those ears

the blade that carves the wounds
is the one that digs the grave
with a heart set in a tombstone
her pain ensnares a willing slave
the will that breaks the self-control
is the knife that murders the trust
a cold shoulder to the outstretched hand
a back turned just waiting for the thrust

with the eyes of the world as a mirror
she fell from the grace of a smile
the breaking of a heart is silenced
over the crumbling of a million miles
the one i knew so long ago
with the laughing sky-blue eyes
has given into her own destruction
beyond the reach of any cries

and i've never felt so helpless