Disclaimer: "Dull is the eye that will not weep to see" is a quote from the poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage - Canto II by Lord Byron.

One For Lord Byron

Verse 1

Moonlight falls from your lips like the skipping of rain on cloudless days

The sun sings its praises to birds as the newborns turn in their graves

Dull are the eyes that won't weep to see that happiness is not around

Stale is the heart that won't beat to know that death is what keeps us from the ground

Chorus (x2)

And no one seems to notice

That no one seems to care

And no one seems to cry anymore

'Cause no one is there

Verse 2

Death flies from your eyelids like the life that ends with your birth

War seems to raise a downfall on the basis of human worth

Coarse are the hands that won't feel for the meaning that keeps us here

Torn are the lips that won't speak against the ones who bring us fear

Chorus (x2)


Why inhale the glory if you can't taste it going down?

Why tell the story if there's no moral to be found?

His name falls from your lips, but you've forgotten what it means

Drowning in the story that no longer means a thing

Chorus (x2)


Dull are the eyes that won't weep to see...