"How The West Was One"


This was like something out of a story book,

Because my eyes started watering with every exhausted look.

Every time I gazed at her through the mist of the night,

The seconds that passed let me know something wasn't quite right.

Even though I had so many strong feelings for this paradox,

It seemed like every thing I tried would fall into this box.

This enclosed, fabricated sense of friendship and holding hands,

Worse than trying to control in a weathered relationship of command.

I am starting to lose sleep over the fact that nothing might ever come,

Of the feelings I have for this, or for that, or for the heart I thought I had won.

But these are the things we must deal with when it comes to these veils,

Whether or not you win or lose becomes irrelevance shrouded in failures.

And when you finally realize that it might be time to pack your bags and leave this place,

That's when you'll realize that you will never want to say good-bye to that pretty face.

But wipe your eyes and turn around,

Because now is the only time you will leave this town.

Unwanted: Dead & Alive.