If They Knew

Lorna Dwyer February 2005

Hiding and running,

From what I don't know.

Its not like my past will,

Catch up right?

Even if it does catch up,

I'm older now.

I can fight it.

I am stronger.

So why am I running?

Why am I hiding?

Avoiding all the questions.

Am I really so scared?

I can't run forever,

I wouldn't really want to.

I guess I'm just not ready,

For everyone to know.

Would that be okay?

Does anyone have any,

Right to know about me?

To see me crying?

I'm making something,

Out of nothing.

If they find out,

I can't stop them.

Would it really be,

So bad if they know?

I think that I,

Would feel free.

Its not that good, I'm just really writing out my thoughts, but thought that I would post it anyway.