Christopher sat at the foot of Catherine's bed lost deep in his thoughts.

This is my entire fault…I should never have left her…I am so sorry, Catherine…Please forgive me…

Catherine has been in the hospital for almost a month now, lost in a deep slumber…a coma. The doctors have all shook their heads while telling Christopher how they only had a slim chance of saving her. But Christopher never lost faith. He didn't want her daughter to leave her.

Not ever. Not when she was the only family he had left.

Catherine had many friends, many friends who were willing to extend financial help for them. Christopher had tried refusing all of their money but soon after the incident, the doctors had to put Catherine under life support. Christopher wasn't a very rich man even before he married. He had only enough saved up in the bank. In the end, he didn't have a choice, especially when it came down to keeping his daughter alive.

He was crying softly now. If only he knew this was going to happen…

Someone knocked gently on the door. Christopher hastily tried to dry his face, tasting very salty tears.

Josie, the black nurse, entered quietly. She smiled kindly at Christopher as she went to Catherine's side. She scribbled some things on a form and checked her pulse.

Christopher just watched her, as he had for many weeks in a row. "Tell me Josie, is she going to live?"

Josie looked at him sympathetically. She had grown fond of him knowing the pain he was going through. She understood him perfectly, having a family of her own. "No one knows for sure, Christopher. But I would never stop believing that she would. And don't look at me like that. Smile, Christopher. I know she wouldn't want you to lose hope…"

"I am not losing hope…" he replied, almost as if he was also trying to convince himself. "Thank you very much, Josie. You don't know how much this means for me…"

"That's the spirit ol' boy!" she squeezed his hand warmly. "And get some sleep! You look almost older than me!"

Christopher tried hard to smile. Josie has done a lot of help for them. She even brought him coffee when she had night shifts, knowing that he also didn't rest.

She had just exited the room when she heard him cry. She hurriedly came back inside in time to see the disbelieving look on Christopher's face as he held a very pale female hand. Her own hand rose to her mouth as she gasped before she got back to her senses. She rushed back outside again running across the hall.


Back in the room, Christopher couldn't stop the tears as they involuntarily streamed from his eyes. He almost thought that he was dreaming when he saw Catherine's hand stir. It was her first move ever since the accident.

Slowly, her eyes fluttered open, but only just. Christopher was hugging her giving thanks out loud to the Lord.

But Catherine just stared back blankly at him…Christopher didn't understand.

Where am I…