Just because your heart is breaking

Doesn't mean mine is left unscarred

The nights are the worst, always

I sit, I write, I think, I lay

First we were friends

With you liking me

We liked each other equally, on and ,then, off

It became clearer

You loved me

We were together

Too hard, for me, too hard

Split up, your heart scarred once

But the pain scarring your face, your life

I wanted to keep you safe; I wanted my love safe

Although there was silence, it was loud in our eyes and minds

Always hope, always a fence, always stagnant fresh-water

Always confusion and still, for ever and always

For better for worse

Within kisses and within insults confusion raged

Summer brought space and hope and happiness

I fell in love perhaps I forced the fall perhaps maybe I jumped

Embraces, hands, walks, sunshine and wind, flowers and hearts

Smiles, presents, rich nights, stars, missing him, warmth

But as winter came feelings froze

And when they thawed it wasn't right, not in place

Enough, move on, incorrect, space, alone, stronger, past to future

Not you and not now, you don't fit with me, hands don't fit together

You, frown, you, silence, you, hurt, pain returned for both of us

Scarred again, not much of a heart left

Confused couple remain but singular

Anger, tears, boredom, thoughts swirl

Missing the physical, return for one last night

Mistake, shame, betrayed, shame, anger

Space, quiet, isolation

Sun heals scars


Need, brought back to you, saw you, as a friend


You won't be a friend, you can't be a friend, love remains, love a disease?

All of itfor all the wrong reasons

What now?

Overdosed on confusion