DOOM (Death's Ode)
March 29, 2005

Death in my dungeon

Stoops down in an airless greeting

Fosters on my desire to disappear

Its triumphal dance begins

Where is that land between Tigris and Euphrates

Of promised beauty, peace, and untouched bliss?

Was known to mankind as Eden

Now whispered to only be a legend

Were there such nirvana lays on earth

My soul will not be spent and labored

Still I wish not be destroyed nor will I wish to be broken

Like fluttering wings the whisper resounds

Why then this treacherous part of me compels to meet my doom?

Satisfied I am not but wilted and withered I've become

In the end will I be another wayward mutter?

Sorely known as regret

How I find it ugly to accept