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"Will you marry me?" He was down on one knee at the side of my bed, ring box open with a nice shiny ring with a diamond in it.

"What time is it?"

Frowning, he checked his watch, "Uh, ten to noon?"

I rolled over in bed, my back to him, "It's too early! Propose some other time!"

He sighed and I heard him stand up. With the silence of a lime green koala-monkey-thing (it was on the Discovery Channel once... pretty creepy looking little buggy, 'twas!), he slipped out of my bedroom. (Whoa. That sounds wrong, don't it? I mean 'he slipped out of my bedroom' sounds like we were having an affair or something... I would never have an affair. Really. I might move out of the country and become a polygamist if I had enough motivation, but never have an affair.)

I woke around three. Something yummy was in my kitchen (no, Jarrid was in my living room). Dragging myself from the cozy warm cozy warmness of my bed, I padded out into the kitchen.

There was a box of Fudgesicles sitting on the counter. I clapped, "Yay!"

Jarrid hugged me from behind and kissed my ear (whoa, I never knew my ears were that worthy), "Hey, Taya. How're you?"

"Oh, absolutely peachy now that the Fudgesicles and you are here. Are those fries?!?!" I pointed to a carton of what were obviously fries, starting to spill on my super-ultra-clean countertop.

"Looks like it. You want one?"

I shook my head. Ripping open the package, I reached in to get a Fudgesicle. The box was empty, except for a small black ring box. I pulled it out, tears in my eyes. Looking up at Jarrid, I held out the box.

"Taya? Now will you marry me?"

A single tear splashed down my cheek (wow, that sounded great). I shook my head, "You tricked me!"


"You tricked me! How dare you trick me!"

He took a step back, "What do you mean?"

I scowled at him, "You made me think I was going to get a Fudgesicle! And all I got was a fruitcakin' ring box! This is Fudgesicles, Jarrid, not Cracker Jacks. I hate Cracker Jacks."

He was laughing, "You just aren't going to answer my question are you?"

"What question?"

He couldn't stop laughing. Finally, he managed to ask, "Taya Talon Tiyed? For the third time, will you marry me?"

I scratched my head (that's one of the few advantages of having one of those: you can scratch it when deperately confused), "How many times am I marrying you? Why three times? Besides. I wouldn't marry you once, much less--no, much more--three times. You didn't get me Fudgesicles."

"Taya, hon," he smiled patiently, "If I get you a blueberry milkshake and potato chips, will you marry me once?"

I pondered it (the marrying just once, not the milkshake and chips. That was a definite yes). Finally, I kissed him (oh oh oh yummy!), "Large shake?"

He nodded solemnly.

"Okay. That sounds good. When do I get the shake, before or after we get married?"

He grinned, more happy than I think I have ever seen him in our together-lives (ever since I passed out at his feet in that bar). He picked me up and swung me around (and around and around) until I was dizzy. I laid my head on his shoulder (really to keep from parbraking, but he seemed to think I was acknowledging his happiness). He kissed me, and every part of me within reach of his mouth. Ew. You nasty pervert, that's NOT what I said! Not like that! It was mostly facial!

And in mid-happiness... the phone rang. He reached out to pick it up and (I knew him well enough) to hang right back up, but I jumped to grab it, "'Ello?"