# Gentle Breeze #
# A Seth Story by Shion #
# Warnings: Strange dimensions, homosexuality, religion, hope, death, violence and unrequited love. #
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# Chapter One: Demon God #

"Wish, granted." Languid purple eyes closed as the woman transformed. "Thank you for serving your time." He turned from her, then opened his eyes when a hand grabbed his long black hair.

"Please, Master Seth, let me stay here with you. I cannot go back to where I was now, and I haven't anywhere else to go." She pleaded, he not turning to her.

He hesitated, then sighed. "Do as you please."

Years passed with her staying there, she working hard to be noticed. She was, but not in the way she wanted to be. So many things they did together, so many things she did for him, so much she grew to love him. But to her dismay, his heart had been taken before she ever met him. Any affection he gave her was simply a joke to him.

He had long, black hair and languid purple eyes. His skin was pale and he was a Demon God, a bastard race exiled to a black dimension of castles. They granted wishes, pulling prices for each one. Seth was not quite like the others, giving wishes for reasonable prices, and not caring for playing with humans' lives. He had something the others did not, in fact, he had several. One was he had created his own dimension, there he housed the dead souls of humans who had perished while serving out their time to get their wishes. He also had a goal, a simple goal. He wanted to make a certain human, who was currently "dead", alive and immortal.

Her name was Aphrodite, but she was no longer Aphrodite. She was now Zephyr, with black hair and black eyes and pale skin. She had abandoned her home and fallen in love with Seth, but she knew he would never love her. He wouldn't, because he just didn't. She could do anything, everything or nothing and he would still look at her with his languid eyes, not caring in the slightest that she even existed.

"Master Seth," she began, having spent nine years with Seth and still been in the dark as to who it was in his white dimension that took his heart and her chances of being loved. "Who is it in there you see?"

Seth looked down at her, being very tall. He wore a black cloak with two layers, one that let his arms move, and one that hit down to the black marble floor of the Dimension of the Demon Gods.

"I see the human that saved my life." Seth said to her coldly. Too coldly, she thought. He had always been somewhat warm to her, though it was obvious he wasn't much fond of her.

"But this human, surely she is not--"

"He." Seth smirked, Zephyr blinking. "The human is male."

"Ah-uhm, then surely he is not so worthy of you Master Seth. I mean, I don't wish to impose, but..." She stumbled, of course she stumbled. Before her was the strongest Demon God, or at least second strongest, and she was trekking over his relation. The other Demon Gods had quickly learned that when speaking to Seth, keep to basics, and do not venture into the things in the personally dimension of Seth.

"If you wish not to impose," Seth cast her a stony glare. "Keep your impositions to yourself." He then walked to his dimension, disappearing from the black castle he lived in.

She collapsed to the floor, clutching her chest. She wore a French Maid's dress, her black hair going down to her breasts over her shoulders.

"Miss Zephyr is getting into trouble." A creature hanging from the ceiling with a single eye and little black arms commented, holding a little scythe.

"Indeed, she's not very smart anymore." A second, identical creature added.

"Shush, both of you." Zephyr snapped. There was a knock on the door and she gasped, standing quite quickly. The little bat-winged one-eyed creatures opened the doors, a man walking in. He had vibrant blue hair slicked back down his neck, blue skin and wore a cloak like Seth's, but dark blue as opposed to black.

"Master Hades, is there anything I can do for you?" Zephyr asked, giving a bow.

"I shall wait for Seth, thank you." He gave her a nod, waving her bow with his left hand. Sure enough, from seemingly nowhere Seth came out to see this new guest.

"Ah, Hades, what do I owe the pleasure?" Seth questioned, greeting the blue oriented.

"I am simply coming by to see how you are holding up. It's been a while." Hades smirked, Seth giving a nod.

"It has. I must say, not much has changed. Though I am rather pleased with myself, I am so close to being strong enough to fully revive him and make him immortal." Seth smirked as well. "Truly, I hate to think how long it might have taken without your donation to the stray souls Hades, I thank you again."

"It was the least I could do. I am just glad your spirit has truly lifted since he has come under your care. I hardly recognize you anymore." Hades stretched his left arm out, the right one missing.

"Shall we consider that good, or bad?" Seth questioned, Hades shaking his head.

"It's positively wonderful, let's not joke." Hades replied simply. "I wish I could stay longer, but I have a wisher to attend to."

"Ah, well, do attend to them. Thank you for passing by." Seth smirked as Hades left. "Zephyr, I am leaving to bathe, stay here." Seth followed Hades' path out the door, but walked straight away from the castle to a familiar body of water.

Zephyr watched the doors closed, then looked at the little bat creatures. She bit her lip, but nodded her head. She raised her arm, a white sparkling circle forming in her palm. It grew just large enough for her to squeeze through, and she did just that.

The little creatures looked to each other with their single eyes, both seeming sure something bad was soon to happen.

# End chapter one. #
# Author Notes: Welcome to the end of the fastest chapter I have written for a Seth Story. Because it's the third in a series, and reading "Affections of the Demon God" for this is practically essential anyways, I decided to treat it like I'm just writing it for myself. No need for excessive details and explanations. Everything is vague, and the style is what I'm calling bleached. I wish I had the time and patience to write out those nine years, but I don't. Hades, Seth, Zephyr, Demise and Decease have all made their first impressions for this story; let's hope it all goes okay. I'm betting this two, maybe three chapters. #
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