# Gentle Breeze #
# A Seth Story by Shion #
# Warnings: Strange dimensions, homosexuality, religion, hope, death, violence and unrequited love. #
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# Chapter Two: Dead Mortal #

Zephyr walked through the odd city of dead souls, hardly noticed by anyone at all. She knew, somehow, that he, whoever he was, was not in with these others. She kept walking, nothing could stop her. Nothing, nothing was going to stop her from at least meeting this mortal who kept everything she wanted ten feet to far away from her. She reached the end of the dead city, a throne with something on it coming to view. Her pace quickened and she was in front of it in a matter of minutes. She gasped, the sight, now in good view, not exactly pleasing.

It, whatever it was, looked half-human. It's entire left side was what looked like plastic tubes in a thin layer of flesh. There was a left an arm, a right-side of it's body, and no legs whatsoever. It had a green eye, and a closed eye, hard to see in the tubes. It wore what looked like a white sheet, and had a rather warm smile on it's messed-up face. Over it's entire head was reddish brown, short and choppy hair.

"Hello." It spoke, it's voice male. It had to be him, the one who held Seth's heart. But how could something so ugly hold something so precious?

"H-hello." She stumbled over her words, unable to think straight, or hardly at all.

"You must be Zephyr." He smirked, raising his left hand to his mouth. "You look like you do in my day dreams."

"Day dreams...? You know my name so, can you tell me yours?" Zephyr asked, not sure what else to ask just yet.

"Jonah. My name is Jonah." He continued to smirk, or perhaps he was smiling.

"So you must be him." Zephyr choked under her breath. "Why does he love you?! What is so great about you?!"

"What's so great about me?" Jonah blinked his only open eye. "I haven't the slightest clue. It's not my job to know. Seth fell in love with me before I died, and then I died for him. So he is bringing me back to life. In fact, this rather gross looking tube-form is the last step before I'm alive, immortal and able to move my legs." Jonah smiled to her, then poked the tubes where he had been pierced by an arrow in his head.

"H-how long will it take to finish this step?" She stumbled once more with her words. Jonah seemed trusting, he might just tell her.

"Well, Seth said when he came back he'd finish. He said he needed to be cleansed first." Jonah gave a mild half-shrug.

"I am sorry." Zephyr sighed, her brain beginning to work properly again.

"You don't seem very sorry. I know. You love him, but I have him and he won't look at you because of it. But I warn you, he'll be back soon, and he's very protective of me. Why do you think I'm here?" Jonah sighed, closing his eye. He seemed oddly calm. Too calm, but it didn't matter. She reached a shaky hand forward, happy he didn't fight her grip on the tubes.

"I can make him love me. But not when he's so hooked on you." She mumbled.

"Right." Jonah smiled. She ripped the four tubes in her hand, Jonah's smile instantly replaced by a look of pain as he grabbed her hands. "Okay, look..." He heaved, the tubes spraying blood and some sort of tissue or fluid. "I might be dead, but just barely, and that hurts. Go pick on someone alive."

"They won't satisfy me." Her eyes dilated, a smirk coming to her lips. "Now, go to hell." She grabbed the hands that had hers, then bit the left one. Jonah yelped in pain, keeping his grip on her hands anyways. He, being paralyzed from the waist down, had very little further control over her, so had to keep her in his grip.

"Please, I can't even fend you off well..." He looked at her, recognizing the look in her eyes. His reflection was visible in them, and tainted red.

"Yes, beg." She growled, lunging his hands forward and biting his lip. "Beg all you want." But her glory was completely erased when a hand picked her off of Jonah completely. She became terrified, looking into not languid purple eyes, but burning ones.

"The same goes for you." Seth's voice said coldly. "I might want to kill you quick right now if I had liked you, but you're just out of luck."

"S-Seth... please... don't be mean." Jonah coughed up a bit of blood, Seth giving him a look.

"I need to use her now. I could have done this clean..." Seth sighed, throwing her down and putting a foot on her chest, suffocating her without really meaning to. He twisted both of her legs off, her screams filling the entire dimension. He took her legs, starting to draw a circle around Jonah's throne. Once he was done with them he looked to her, just laying there helpless. He leaned over her, knowing her eyes would hardly be able to see him. "May your soul live on in this place." He smirked, then kissed her lips coldly. He then closed her eyes, slamming a fist into her head.

Jonah looked away from the sight, feeling sick for the first time in a very long time. Seth closed his eyes, her body disappearing, even her strayed legs. The blood circle turned black, then began to shrink. Seth walked behind the shrinking circle, until it hit Jonah. He stopped, opening his eyes and watching the circle go up Jonah. As it went, the tubes disappeared, the broken ones even healing. Jonah closed his green eye, the circle going over his face, then to the top of his hair.

His body felt numb, then hurt. He opened his eyes, shocked when the left, violet one opened as well. The nine years he spent dead all seemed so white, so like they didn't happen. He looked to Seth, overwhelmed by emotion. He could feel his heart beat, his butt on the chair, his feet on the ground, his head throb, his eyes water, his lungs inhale and exhale, his stomach roll, his body tingle, his fingertips sweat, just every single little thing that was happening to his body.

"Seth?" He felt his lips move, his tongue lift, the letters mold, the breath escape. Seth smiled, Jonah standing, then blinking as he fell forward, being caught gracefully by Seth.

"Jonah, I don't think you're quite ready to walk yet." Seth chuckled. Jonah glowed, feeling, hearing and really loving the sound of that cold, slow heartbeat. He put his arms around Seth, not caring if he never walked again, as long as he could be in Seth's arms as opposed to the cold white throne.

"Seth... I love you so much." Jonah lightly smiled. Seth blinked, then smiled and picked Jonah up.

"I love you too, Jonah." Seth connected their lips for a moment before walking from the Dimension of the Dead.

She, in her soul, watched them leave, then smirked. Her soul looked nothing like her altered body had, with curves like no other woman. She had gorgeous wavy blonde hair to her waist, lavender and blue eyes and wore a white flowing toga.

"I see. Well, let's be going home now. I think the lesson in here is Demon Gods are possessive and cruel no matter how nice, charming and completely lovable they are. Pity." She gave a light sigh. "Too bad I can't just stay dead and hang out here. Oh well." She then gave a shrug, disappearing.

# End chapter two. #
# End Gentle Breeze. #
# It was short, but it ran as planned. The point here is Seth will never give up Jonah and vice versa, and though Zephyr died, Aphrodite lives on. Really, that was Aphrodite at the end there. The possible sequel will be better written than this was ten to one. Hm. Whelp, I wrote this breaking from Honorary so I'm not shocked at how it turned out. It's okay though, because now it's out of my head. Yeaah... I'm losing it here. I can't think of anything to say here. Oh, you know, it's not actually that hard to rip someone's leg off. First, rip the 'ball joint' from the pelvis, then twist and yank. ... but uh, most people won't just lay there and let you rip off their leg. You also have to be pretty strong to do it. So uh, if you know any macho guys or are one, please, when you're tearing off their legs, don't mention me or this story. Okay? Also, no they did not have sex while Jonah was dead, but after that I make no promises. Jeeze. #
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