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The wind blew softly, carrying with it the pungent odor of magnolias. They grew in great abundance in a small clearing on the home of the Bromwell family. Up the hill, away from the garden was the newly built Magnolia Hills. Not the home it once was, but beautiful none the less. The cotton fields had been reduced. There were no longer slaves and Mr. Bromwell found it impossible the number it took to the run the plantation effectively without making it smaller.

All in all everyone was recovering from the war between the states.

Everyone except Caroline. Slowly she came to realize that as long as she stayed in the south her life would never go back to normal. It held to many memories. It was time she said her goodbyes.

She stood before a tombstone. In her arms she carried a bouquet of magnolias. Kneeling she placed them to the side. With a finger she traced the engraving on the tomb: Here lies Daniel Murry, beloved son and lover. A very beloved son and lover. Caroline would miss him always.

It had been decided that she would go to his hometown of Gettysburg and begin a new life there. Elizabeth offered to take her in until she could become stabilized. For that Caroline was grateful. Elizabeth was really a dear person, and now a wonderful friend to Caroline.

Clouds set in. Noticing the signs of rain Caroline began to rise but stopped. She pressed her lips to the cold stone and whispered, "I love you Daniel. I always will."

Silently she placed the flowers on his grave and rode away.