One more breath and I'll be in

Exhale and I'll be lost forever

Just a tear to let me know you're mine

But you'd never give me something so sincere

Just another dream

A fantasy where all is right

Is this the end?

I'm holding on with broken fingers hoping it's not

Yet I can feel it

The raw stinging as the bonds are cut loose

Bonds that impaled deep into my flesh

Going inside further than anyone else has

These tears are making my skin rot

Yet I cannot wipe them away

Sadness and tears were never for me

But at least it's an emotion

Do you ever feel the same?

Am I the only one in a dark corner tonight?

Aching deep in my stomach

From something I thought I'd never have

It seems like I've known this all along

Too good to be true was right

How many clichés have we covered thus far?

But it was never good enough

Not for you but it was for me

It all doesn't matter now

Not like it ever did

You've hurt me more than I'll ever know

But I still can't be apart from you

It hurts me to see you upset

I'm used to hurting myself

This is just another example

Now all I wish is for you to understand

………but you won't

You never do.