The sound is so quiet

Yet it blocks out all else I can hear

Maybe I've gone deaf

To match the rest of my mistakes

The moth is attracted to the flame

Beauty so fragile

Her last desire burning her

What is that?

Asking for more than I needed

Wanting more than I wanted

Tear myself apart

It's what I wanted in the beginning………

By being so blind

Did I see the end?

Running away on bloody feet

Only because of fear

Cowering within myself

Being the strength I needed

Only to push it away

This is nothing more than the prison I created

Barbed wire spikes laced in ecstasy

What more could I ask for?

This torture is my release………

Honesty, chastity, purity

Three reasons I gave you to break me

Break my legs so I can't escape

Sew my lips together to bleed no lies

Rip open my fragile heart with your teeth

It's nothing more than I asked for

If I cry one more time

Would you drown me, choke me, beat me?

Silence me with your sweetest sin

The trees are so much greener now

The sparrow makes her nest………

But I will never forget

The hurt and pain I caused myself

Ripping the flesh off of my bones

Because I couldn't predict it

I had no answers to the questions I had

But I will never forget the winter………