This happens when I am stuck at Grandma's hair salon with a laptop...

The Adventures of George

Part I: The Ketchup Bottles and the Drip

Once upon a time I lived in Alaska. There was nothing particular interesting. Except for George. George was on of those nerdy friends I had, but sometimes he was a real nuisance. He even has his own nickname, as do we all. But his, his has a story. Me? What story can be found behind 'The Tribble Master?' So since we are all here right now, you and I, let me tell you about George and his nickname...

Well, to begin, let me inform you George and I am in the Science club. At Stellar you can find all sorts of interesting clubs, guinea pig club, mythology creature club, gamers club,ect. The point being George was in the Science Club with me. Every week you can find the classroom cluttered by a new experiment. This week we were doing an experiment on gravity and stains. Part one: how long can a ketchup bottle stay stuck to the ceiling, and part two: how do you get ketchup stains out of your carpet?

However when the janitor heard this he refused to let them do the experiment (s) in the school.

I should have seen this one coming.

The boys immediately found a loop hole; the janitor had said not at the school, but there were other places. George offered right off the bat to have it at his house, but they were having construction done. Since all the boys wanted to have it at there house we pulled straws. Yes, it was I that was chosen for this 'sacred' duty. Whoopee. As special little bonus all the guys were coming over to check on it during the weekend. I am the only girl in the science club, and sometimes it has its drawbacks. (LIKE NOW!)

That day I got home, I was glad that my dad was at work. Mom was much more flexible. With fourteen guys though?

"Sure, Elise. I'll be home that day."

That answers that. Saturday they would come over and watch the bottles falling from the ceiling. The reader at the moment at the most part, is probably wondering in which room?! Well, as another misfortune it was mine.

If there was any a time to make sure your bra was not left on your floor, it was now! My room had to be spotless if boys were going to trample it.

And so after what seemed years of cleaning, Saturday came. The boys cam over, and to my joy three could not make it. Only eleven total; here to trash my new clean room. Oh, the things I do for extra credit.

Now, George has his habits and was first to arrive Saturday. He helped me set up the bottles in my ceiling. Some of the bottles took awhile to get up, because we had had a glue fight. These bottles were marked so we knew they had different variables. All in all, it took about an hour to set up. Then Fred came, then Joe, then on and on.

Like I said, these are science nerds, but they too get bored. So in case of this happening they brought a DVD player and all three seasons of Star Trek on DVD. They did get bored.

After, like, thirty minutes!!!

I guess I did not mind too much, Spock is pretty logical. Look at it this way, we were 'learning' from his 'logic.'

Then after, what, three episodes I could swear George was paranoid. For the past five minutes he complained that something was dripping down his neck. The other guys laughed at him and told Klingon horror stories and stories with horrible creatures in them (that kill red-shirts.) to creep him out.

I however wanted to keep the peace, and looked at the back of his neck. There was a bright red smear, as if he had a huge, gapping, oozing, bleeding, cut. I swear to God I have never screamed so loud and never, have I ever ran so fast to the bathroom to get George a band-aid.

I thought he must be in shock to not feel something like that. When I ran back in with the first aid to expect, but what was there was not in my general frame of mind. George was laughing. Seriously! Laughing! I got down next to him to wipe of the blood and clean the cut, but we wanted to get up. I kept telling him to stay where he was. Stupid, stupid, me.

By this time all the guys (except George) where laughing and saying, "This is the five-second mission of EliseRae to get George a band-aid and explore-"

I threw a wad of gauze at them; I just did not get what they were laughing at. Then I remembered the experiment and looked up…

Which sucked, because then a ketchup cap landed on my forehead. My reflexes were never fast, and to this day I regret that. Especially during that one moment. George and I were covered in Ketchup, but the bottle held fast, thank God.

After a massive giggle fit, Justin stood up and announced, "Experiment number 0012, part two point five: how to get hair stains out." If there had been any more gauze I would have thrown it in his face.

After that day two things happened, besides the initial test results:

1) I now, and forever, have short hair. It is much easier to wash.

2) George got a nick name, The Drip, for having been the only one to feel, well, the drip.

Actually there were three major changes, the third was my decision. I quickly quit the science club, and then joined the theatre club under the stern eye of Mrs. Dupis. The boys can keep their stinky club with Mr. Fleckenstein for all I care. I am a thespian!!! (And obviously a writer)

And even after that we no longer in the same after school programs; we still had many exploits that I can share. But for now, I say:

The End