Five is a Four Letter Word 4

Part One

The familiar noise of a skateboard on concrete met Ryan Sheckler's ears and he got up from his bed, pulling on his clothes as he made his way out of the room. From a drawer next to his door he pulled out his car keys and apartment key. It felt nice to step out into the real world as he locked the front door of his aparment behind him. It was more like a house for how big it was, but he considered it an apartment. The hallway was littered with beer cans that his neighbors had left when they had a floor party a few nights before. His closest neighbor, Ryan Bobier was lying on the floor passed out and Sheckler gave him a shake, waking Bobier up. Bobier grunted and went back to picking up beeer cans like he had been before he had passed out. That was thanks to getting no sleep after getting back three days from a European Road Trip and emotional damage. As Sheckler made his way to the elevator Bobier's mutterings made their way to his ears and all he could do was laugh. Bobier had to be drunk, there was no doubt about that, ever since Bobier had been dumped by his girlfriend three months ago he had acquired the unnatural habit of being drunk all day and the new sober was being less drunk than usual. When the elevator dinged and opened up Sheckler slinked in and pushed the button for the ground floor. He shifter the skate board under his arm so that he had a better grip on it and tapped his foot to the music softly swaying his hands to the beat. Whoever said that elevator music had to be annoying? But Sheckler knew for a fact that he was one of the most odd people that have ever lived, so he just shook his head and got out of the elevator when it dinged and granted him exit. The sun greeted him and a smile was plastered on the young eighteen year olds face. It had been so long since he had moved into his apartment that he knew that right at that moment Raymond Molinar was going to jump out of his first story window from behind Sheckler. And sure as sugar Molinar came out and threw his skateboard to the side and jumped on Sheckler's back screaming "Giddy up Sheckler! Giddy Up!"

"Molinar! Get the fuck off my back. You're going to make me look like an old man like you." Sheckler laughed when Molinar began to knock the side of Sheckler's head from side to side. This was their normal routine, so the other skaters emerging from the building and the nearby houses were not surprised to see Sheckler start to run down the street whooping with Molinar on his back.

"Come on lets go back and grab our boards. It's time to attack the unsuspecting children on the street." It was then that Sheckler galloped back to where their boards were lying on the street. They put the boards behind their heads and began to run down the street screaming and barking hoping to wake up the night creatures from the Real, Girl and Zero skate Krews that lived on the street, noon was still an early hour for these nocturnal creatures. Other creatures were already stirring and tearing up the street, making their way to the more deserible spots of the San Francisco lower area.

For Bobier most of the day was a blur because he had a feeling that he was still drunk as hell. It wasn't until about four o'clock that he was done picking up the shit off the floor of his apartment. The sun surprised him and caused him to slink back into the entry way of the building before he emerged and met up with Molinar and Sheckler who were sitting chomping on sandwhiches like there was nothing better. Bobier sat down on the concrete next to them and yawned. It was still early for him, but he was determined to stay awake, so he took a swig of Sheckler's coke.

"Hey bitch, go get your own Coke." Sheckler chuckled and gave Bobier a light punch on the shoulder before handing him the bag of cheetos that had lain forgotten at his feet. With a satisfying crunch Bobier began to realize how much he missed real food.

"Thanks whore." Bobier was happy to have friends like this. The skate rats were now milling around them a few photographers were around, snapping pictures of the trio eating on the concrete. They were now used to things like this, thought they still could not understand why anyone would want to see a picture of them eating like ravens with a dead carcuss.

"You really need to start eating man. With your diet I'm surprised that he haven't just disappeared by now. She wasn't that special." Molinar didn't want to tread on the forbidden subject, but knew that Bobier probably wouldn't remember this conversation later, but little did he know that this was one of the few moments that he would actually remember when he woke up the next day.

"I know. I know." Sheckler patted Bobier in the back, who had only stopped eating for a moment to respond to Molinar. He was now back to eating the cheetos and watching a group of girls giggling and drinking sodas near them. Each was holding a bag of chips, but Bobier doubted that they were actually going to eat it since they looked like they probably ate once a year. In response to this Bobier he continued to look at the other groups of girls surrounding the skaters. There was a group of girls who were all wearing either wedding rings or engagement rings, a group of girls that looked like their boobs had to be fake and the last group was the one that Sheckler, Molinar and Bobier all noticed. It was made of three girls that were sitting at a picnic table in the shade. All were dressed in baggy, but flattering pants and skate shoes. Their shrits were tight in the right areas, but still looked casual. They looked like they were actually in the process of eating and drinking the diet sodas and salads on the table in front of them. In only a few seconds the boys had picked their stuff up and had sat down at he table introducing themselves. Secretly Bobier had a slim sense of hope that he might win a girl that could make him forget the sense of depseration in his soul.

"I'm Sake." One of the girls with shortish blonde hair with pink streaks in it introduced herself and smiled. She seemed to take a liking to Molinar, who introduced himself and flirtily moved over and put an arm around her shoulder.

"And I'm Jenni." Jenni was sitting next to Bobier and had dark brown hair that almost looked black. She had a few lazy streaks of blonde in her hair that looked like they had just fallen onto her head and found a few stray hairs to cling to. It was obvious to the girls that Bobier was drunk, so they seemed to be drawn towards him as if they wanted to see what dumb things they could get him to say in his current state.

"And I'm Paris, please don't ask me if my last name is Hilton. I swear to god I'm going to change my name as soon as possible. I swear." Paris didn't resemble Ms. Hilton at all. She was wearing an AFI shirt for one and had a number of piercings on her body. Paris could spot a drunk skater from miles away pushed Bobier a bit so that he began to fear for his life. Of course he wasn't even in danger of falling from the picnic table, but to him it felt like he was teetering on the edge of a ten story building. "So. What are you guys up to?"

"Welp we should probably introduce ourselves first. I'm Sheckler, you know that's Molinar and that my friend is the obviously drunk Mr. Bobier. Hes still getting over his bitch of a girlfriend. She really wasn't good enough for him, but hes hung up on her." Sheckler slid a bit closer to Paris, who seemed to be taking no interest in him, but he wasn't about to give up. "And we're really up to nothing, just skating and hacing fun. We'll probably take a few hits later and just chill in our apartments. Well probably on the floor of the hallway between our apartments."

"Sounds cool. Maybe we could join you, but I'm not sure that one will last very long." Jenni was pointing at Sake who was now making out with Molinar. It was like being around wild animals sometimes. It was then that Bobier decided to get up from the picnic table and pull Molinar from Sake. He then proceeded to carrry Molinar off to the foutain a few feet from them and dunk him in, after Molinar had begun to kick and scream Bobier took him back to the picnic table and began to talk as if nothing had happened, animals indeed.

"Yeah we seem to just get drunk and high recently. It was one nasty break up." Molinar was sadly dissapointed to see that the girls had taken a liking to Bobier and wanted to know about his ex-girlfriend,

"We met a few years back at a skate function in Carbondale. I took her on tour with me because I was in the middle of King of the Road. She had a lot of fun meeting the friends that I was touring with and I was happy to have met her. After the end of the tour I stayed in Colorado for awhile waiting until she turned 18, which was in the spring of that year. We went out for about a year and a half. She broke up with me two months ago because she had found someone else. I knew it was my close friend Sherm, so I was pretty pissed. I beat the shit out of him and then took so many hits at Molinar's that I don't actually remember the day, I was just reminded about what happened from friends. Lets just ssay that Sherm and I don't talk anymore, that's how it went down. And now I've developed the unhealthy habit of being an alcholic and "stoner". I seriously need to just quit cold turkey to add to that I also have eaten nothing since then but this bag of cheetos." The girls just looked at him with a look of shock. They didn't know if they should cry that his girlfriend did that or if they should run away since he was obviously just plain fucked up. Sake wasn't as fazed as the rant just played out by Bobier, so she cocked her head and went back to making out with the now soggy Molinar.

"You know that really sucks. And Sake I swear if you don't stop right now I'll call your mother." Jenni growled and put an arm around Bobier's waist to steady him. He seemed to have drifted into his own little world like he was posessed with ADD and couldn't concentrate on anything for more than one second. There was a vague feeling in her that she may be attracted to him and had a feeling that tonight she might not be sleeping at the apartment that she, Sake and Paris shared.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur of skating and chatting. Before they headed to the boy's apartment building they picked up chinese and some junk food from a corner store. Paris and Sheckler had been chatting for awhile, but she still didn't seem to feeling it and Sheckler was starting to watch the other girls. He just wanted to have someone hold onto for just one night. His last relationship had been a shit load and he didn't want to relive that, but everynight that he went home sober or just with a piece of mind he would remember it all. The moments that he had cherished for so long turned into nightmares that blinded him and caused a cold sweat to encase him. It was a shit load to deal with, but he was starting to get control over the ngihtmares and was hoping that he could at least have a new set of nightmares after meeting these girls. Molinar and Sake were still connected and were started to be referred to as Sakinar, which Sake didn't like one bit.

"Shut the hell up. I don't want to be called Sakinar. It sounds like some sort of alien creature from the comic books that I'm sure I could find stacked next to porn magazines in Molinar's closet." Sake screeched before going back to making out with Molinar, who didn't seem to dsiagree with her comic comment. The group finally made their way into Sheckler's apartment and sat down on the hard wood floor streched out in front of the big screen TV. Sheckler switched it on and helped Jenni put the food out, but couldn't help but feel like this whole scene had happened before. That was when he fell back onto the floor and passed out. He wasn't out for long, but long enough for him to remember why this felt so familiar.


It was late at night and Sheckler was sitting with Molinar, Bobier and three girls. They were watching Viva La Bam and eating chinese food as they chatted. Three girls were their girlfriends, Jess, Nicole and Katie. Katie was the girl that later left Bobier for Sherm, but at the current moment that was the last thing that they expected. After finishing their food the couples seperated and Shekcler was left in the room with his current girlfriend Nicole. They were insantly on top of each other and making out, but Sheckler knew that something new was going to happen tonight and sure enough it did. The kissing lead to fondling and the fondling to sex, Sheckler hadn't ever had sex before and it felt nice for him to start something new. That morning Sheckler woke up alone on his hardwood floor. A note was left on the ground near his door and a key had been shoved under the door and now lay within Sheckler's reach. There was an odd hollow feeling in the room and he yelled for Nicole. Upon realizing that the note was probably from Nicole and that the only other person with his key was Nicole he hungrily grabbed for the note. All hungry feelings he had were not filled with a nauseous feeling.


I do love you, but this has to end. This just isn't working. Maybe I'll be back eventually, but I need to clear my head. I left a few bucks in your wallet to contribute to the food we bought last night.




Sheckler was awoken after feeling an intense urge to puke. The cause of this feeling was Molinar putting a mushroom under his nose. He bolted upright and was about to sock Molinar in the face when he felt someone put her arm on his shoulder. To his surprise it was Jenni's hand and she shhed him.

"Don't just do that. Who knows what kind of damage you have just incurred upon yourself. Just relax. Lets eat and don't make sudden movements, you could have a concussion." As they started to eat and turned the TV on Jenni didn't remove her hand from his shoulder and Sheckler didn't mind at all. It was obvious now that Paris had no intentions of dating him, so Sheckler was happy to see that someone did. The rest of the night was a bigger blur than that afternoon. Everything was happening so fast and the six of them were getting along as if they had known each other for longer than a day, much longer. Paris was the only one that seemed distant, but by the end of the night she and Bobier were going at it as if there was no one else in the room. Eventually Jenni and Sheckler were left on the balcony of Sheckler's apartment watching the ngiht sky. There wasn't anything of interest in the sky, but the moment was perfect as if there was something beautiful going on in front of them. In truth there was and Sheckler had a feeling that this was going to be repeated in his mind for awhile, just like the nightmares of Nicole. After breathing in deeply he took Jenni's hand and turned on his side so that he could watch her. It took a few moments for her to realize that he was looking at her, causing her to turn and look at him.

"Hey." Sheckler whispered and Jenni returned the greeting by getting up and sitting on his lap. She knew what he wanted and she wanted it equally as bad. And judging from the noises now making their way onto the balcony the other four of them were all thinking the same thing. They began to kiss and instead of making their way to Sheckler's bed like normal people the balcony seemed like a perfect place, even when it began to rain. After they finsihed the two of them pulled their sopping wet clothes back on and made their ways back into Sheckler's house and were immediately naked again. Sheckler knew that his nightmares would soon be gone.