Twin like me

Just like me

"Hey there's my twin!" I laughed and turned to my friends Sara and Nikki. Nikki still hadn't exactly figured out the joke that had developed between Sara and I. It had all started about two months ago when Sara and I decided to use my myspace account and AIM account to good use. We had been laughing about a guy in her 6th period class, we'll call him Garrett and his best friend, Richard. I had found myself strangely attracted to Garrett, even though he was an absolute retard. His friend Richard, was a scum bag jackass that I hated from the day that I met him. The first time I was like "fuck you." And I had never even sworen before. Well Sara and I were finding life particularly boring while I sat at the computer and attempted to type up my term paper and chat with her on AIM. I was also logged into my myspace account at the time.


XxxB3stS1nxxx (Me)- I'm so bored. It's not like I'm going to finish my term paper anytime soon. It is due in like three months anyway. We both know that I'm not good at getting things done early.

UrXnotXblack (Sara) – Hahahahha That is true. The only thing your good at is crushing on Garrettt. We need to set you two up. So that you can have public sex in the middle of the hallway.


UrXnotXblack – I know. Well lets get a jump start on that soon.

XxxB3stS1nxxx – Well now that he's on my myspace friends list can we use that.

XxxB3stS1nxxx – I'll send him a sexy message.

UrXnotXblack – Yeah, you're right. Okay well you have to say something good. But not too long. We need him to respond.

XxxB3stS1nxxx – Ah!

I clicked onto my myspace account and found the link to his. With a press on the mouse the "create message" window was up. I needed to think of something simple and to the point.

To: Garrett GT

From: The B3st S1n

Subject: No subject

Body: I have a sex offer for you. AIM xxxB3stS1nxxx

XxxB3stS1nxxx – There I sent it. It just says my screenname and that I have a sex offer. Now we just have to wait. Is he logged on?

UrXnotXblack – Yeah. Well just wait. I have a feeling that you'll have your inbox open anyway.

The Next Day: 6:00 p.m.

XxxB3stS1nxxx Has logged on

Woopoluvsu (my friend Gene) – Heya Loki!

XxxB3stS1nxxx – Hey! Whats up

Suddenly a window popped up.

Will you accept a message from:


Accept Deny

I clicked Accept, but I was really out of it and just assumed that it was one of my girlfriends and I just didn't realize it.

Mairorr - Sex?

XxxB3stS1nxxx – Who is this?

I freaked. I was so afraid that some old man had seen that my AIM was posted on my myspace and now he was going to stalk and rape me. I needed to know who it was before I said anything, or calmed down for that manner.

Mairorr – Garrett, hun.

XxxB3stS1nxxx – Oh! I thought you were some creepy old guy!

Mairorr – So whats this about Sex?

XxxB3stS1nxxx – You and Me

And that was when it started. Nothing had ever happened because Richard decided that he hated me. But that was how all of this happened. And the twin thing started because when Sarah and I went shopping together I pointed out the fact that Richard and Sara shared the same pale skin and red cheeks thing going on. Of course she retorded back that Garrett was my twin. And that was how it all started.

Flashback Ends