Chapter Five

"This is the first day of my life. I'm glad I didn't die before I met you. I went out in the rain. And everything changed, they're spreading blankets on the beach." Bright Eyes "First Day of My Life"

It was a little hard to run while wearing my flip flops, but I managed to get back to my dorm room without interuptions in about three minutes flat. I knocked Gene squarely on the forehead and watched him jump about a miled up and scream, "I'm up, I'm up."

"Yeah sure you are, now come on. I don't wanna get a fine for having an unannounced and unsupervised guest in my room."

"Blurgh?! What time is it?" Gene started to rub his face with his arm and get out of bed.

"Okay, I have like 25 minutes before I have to be in class. You have five minutes to get dressed. Starting now!" For a few seconds Gene just stood there and stared at me, before rummaging about and putting all of his rumpled clothes on. "No, this won't do."

"What?" Gene looked at me with a confused look on his face as I looked him up and down.

"You can't go to classes looking like that." There was still a confused look on Gene's face, but he seemed to be assessing the situation now.

"Here, the pants are fine, but the shirt won't do." I went through the things in my closet and threw a shirt at him. "Give me your sweatshirt."


"You'll see." I snatched it from his hands and started to pull at it, in an attempt to make it look less wrinkled. It was a little hard to do since Gene kept trying to grab the sweatshirt back, because he seemed to think that was going to rip his sweatshirt in half or something.

"Give it, what the hell are you doing?"

"Stop grabbing it!" I grabbed the sweatshirt back once more and when I felt satisfied with Gene's appearance I handed it back to him. As I started to grab my things and make a race to class Gene pulled his sweatshirt over his head and shuffled to the door. I shoved him out and locked the door behind him. Ten minutes, I was still good. My lecture was on the other end of campus, but I was fine.

"Bye Gene. See ya. I got lecture." Before Gene could evenn say anything I was out of sight. While I was in my room I had made sure to change from the outfit I was wearing before. I was now dressed in a pair of comfortable and runnable sneakers, a red tank top with a black jacket and a pair of old and ripped jeans.

"You're gunna be late." I stopped and turned around to see Ashleigh.

"Hey, are you coming to lecture?" I guess I forgot to mention that even though Ashleigh is much older than I, one of her senior year credit classes involves the jounalism lecture I was now going to.

"Yes, come on. I know a shortcut, just don't show Gene. He needs to learn to leave earlier. And you know what he did last night?" Ashleigh started to lead me to a small and wooded path.

"Shit, I mean what?"

"What was that?"

"I asked what he did." This just wasn't my day, I was pretty sure of that now.

"He missed that dinner I'd planned to have with my parents. Did he stay at your place last night? I just hope he stayed at someone like yous place. I know I can trust you, so I just want to know where he was. I'm just not sure if I can trust him anymore." I was just about ready to scream now, she couldn't trust me, that was obvious. But the question now posed to me was, would I tell her what he'd done? No, what we'd done.

"Yeah, he came by at like eight o'clock and he was kind of upset and tired. I let him sleep in my bed and I slept on the floor. Not like he offered to sleep on the floor, anyway."

"Well that's like him. He would never sleep on the floor unless there was some sort of sex involved. Otherwise he's content with you sleeping on the floor." As she spoke Asleigh shook her head from side to side with disgust. She had to be relaly pissed off to do that. Maybe she was going to break up with him. I had half a mind to tell her what had happened.

"What would you do if you found out Gene was cheating on you?" It was as if that second before she responded lasted a lifetime. I forgot how to breathe and think for a second. But then she answered and I remembered to breathe before I passed out.

"I've never thought about it before. But, I know that I'd dump him. I'd never talk to him again and I doubt that I could ever look him or the girl in the eye again. It would be very painful to know, but I would rather him or the girl tell me then me find it out from someone else. The last thing I want to happen is for someone else to tell me."

"I..I understand compeletely." Before entering our lecture hall Ashliegh gave me a weird look as if she was trying to burn right into my brain. Well, I must say that I've never been so sure in my life to keep my little mouth shut. Gene can tell her if he wants, but I don't want to. No one can know what happened. Now I regretted yelling out the window earlier. Even if it was fun.

Later that Day

Gene's perspective

My lectures, labs and seminars seemed to all blend together. I just couldn't stop thinking about Asleigh. And not in the way I usually would. In an attempt to rationalize what had happened with Loki I was trying to find all the bad traits Asliegh posessed. The only problem was that I couldn't really think of any. It ws just a pitiful attempt to make me feel better about having done soemthing completely unexpplainable. How could I have been so stupid. She was the best thing that I'd had in awhile. And now I was about to throw it all away. I have to go back to our apartment, make her a nice dinner and tell her I'm sorry I missed the dinner. Maybe even call her parents and invite them too. Make up for all I'd done.

Back to Loki's perspective

This would work, I know it will. I opened up my buddy list and typed in "Mairror" and watched it save and then pop up under "logged on". It took me a second to gain the courage to type in a message. I'd had him deleted for so long that I doubted his old screenname would even work anymore. Over the last year it had been blocked and later erased that way he couldn't reach me. I just made my screenname unlisted, so that no one woul dbe able to tell if I was on or not. But now, now I had to just send a message. Get this over with, otherwise I would never get over what had happened between Gene and I.

XxxB3stS1nxxx – Hello. It's Loki.

Mairror- Hi. Wow, I thought you'd gotten a new screenname. You just happened to catch me at the right time. I usually don't go on this one.

XxxB3stS1nxxx – I guess I'm just lucky like that

Mairror – Yeah. I guess. My other screenname is bestthingyouneverhad

XxxB3stS1nxxx – I only have this one. It's not like I'm ever on anyway.

UrXnotXblack – Heya. I heard that Nikki's visiting you.

XxxB3stS1nxxx – Yeah. I gotta go call her now. Late

UrXnotXblack – Okay, later

XxxB3stS1nxxx- Garrett, I'll call you later.

Mairror – Okay, later.

I clicked the windows off and pulled out my cell phone to call Nikki.

((Author Note: More drama to ensue. More stewing! And more, just more of everything to ensue! LOL))