Chapter One


The phone shattered the pacing sounds of silenced gunfire. A bear claw-like hand came over the receiver. A whispered voice echoed on the other end.

"I need a bounty. I heard that you were the one to speak to."

"I'm listening" a chocolaty deep voice answered.

"This is important and the pay is large."

"Go on."

"I need your best man on this."

"Perfection, I have the perfect bounty."

The whispering went on like a tennis match. Tank wrote down all the required paperwork to suit his lack of taxes. The phone was hung up after the hushed voices had left. Tank walked like a African god with his broad shoulders towards the enclosed forest in front of him. His footsteps were like thunder on the earth. He was bigger than any man others had seen. His dark eyes held secrets that not even the dead could be able to keep. His skin was prefect chocolate, milky and smooth. He removed the burning cigar from his lips.

"FOX!!!" his call shook the air and he placed the cigar back in his lips.

A shot fired from a large oak came down upon a solider. A fatal shot of buttery paint right between the eyes. That was the tenth guy to get hit in the last five minutes. The shooter always knew where they were. Tank could hear the cursing from the soldiers that were covered with the yellow paint. They were coming out of the bushes like insects. All yellow, all angry.

A figure jumped from the tree. The camo pants were laced up the side, baggy but not so baggy that they restricted the snake like movement which was necessary for the bounty's actions.

"Tank, we need some newer models. These are no fun anymore." Her voice was playful and taunting. Fox was her name. Fox O'Reily. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a pony tail, simple. She got her name form her hair and her eyes. Those hazel eyes would hypnotise a man in seconds if they wanted to. She was sly and very stalking with her prey. They said they wanted the best bounty. They got more than they asked for.

"Assignment," was the only word Tank said before walking back to his office. A table watching the gun play.

Fox turned and followed. "An assignment, how nice." Her voice was hesitant. "What is the pay?"


"1.5 Grand?"

"1.5 mill."

"Dangit, someone must be desperate."

"They want it done in five days. In London."

"Ahh, always in a hurry. Why not just have an express lane for this job?"

Tank smiled at her. He was like her big brother rather than a boss. "Do you want the job?"

"Sure," she said loading the paint ball gun again. "I need something to do or I will go insane around here." She turned the gun towards the forest and shot. The ball when straight towards the flag about 250 feet away.

Tank was always amazed at her shooting. She was getting better and she started this at the age of fifteen.

"Who's the target?"

"A business man named...." He paused to grab the note. "Andrew Connell."

Fox turned and lost her composure. "What?"

"Andrew Connell. He is a business man who is getting married in London tomorrow."

Fox did not know what this meant. She just knew she couldn't say no to the job. "No worries, Tank. I want this job. Call the guys. I will need a fast lift." She walked towards her Jeep and soon sped off back to her cottage.