The Bounty



Chapter Twenty


The beeping was constant. The smell of vanilla and sanitizer was all around. Travis felt his chest raw with pain. He could barely open his eyes. He could hear whispering.

"Is he going to be okay?" Andrew asked the doctor.

"He should be fine in a couple days." The doctor answered, "But he does need to rest and stay here for observation."

"Yes, he will." Andrew responded. "He definitely needs a vacation."

Travis saw Andrew standing as the doctor left the room. Andrew shook his head.

"Travis finally gets vacation and it is at a hospital." Andrew said under his breath.

"Maybe we should have booked one to the Bahamas." Travis said weakly.

Andrew looked up and walked to his side. "Welcome back to the land of the living."

"What happened?" Travis asked.

Andrew answered, "Well Sara shot you in the chest. Just missing your heart."

"Who was she?" Travis said rapidly.

"Fox said she was a family member of the mob that was killed when they put the hit out for me, four years ago. Technically she was the princess of that mafia. She wanted to get revenge on me and Fox for the deaths of her family."

"How did Fox know?" Travis asked.

"She said something about her boss's e-mails and scrambled messages."

"What happened then?" Travis asked relaxing a bit more.

Before Andrew could answer the nurse walked in. Her short dirty blondish hair bounced with her step. Her giggly smile brightened the room as she walked over to look at Travis' vitals.

"Well, good morning." She said. "How are we this morning?"

"Better, I guess." Travis answered.

The nurse wrote down on the chart she had the different readings that Travis' body was sending the machines. She looked at Travis and lifted him up. "I just need to fluff your pillow."

Travis kept himself up as she fluffed his pillow and helped him back down to the resting position he was originally in.

"By the way, I am Miranda Wright," She said. "I'll be your nurse." She left eh room with a bounce in her step, just how she entered.

Andrew waited for her to leave the room. After she was gone, he began, "Sara is dead. Fox shot her after she shot you." His face was sorry for something.

"Andrew," Travis began. "Don't be sorry for this. It happens."

"I know. But you were not a part of this."

"It was my choice to help." Travis said. Travis stayed silent for a moment. The air as thick with the paranoia feeling of quiet. He needed to say something. "Can I have my Glock back now?"
"Travis, stop being such a crabapple." Fox appeared at the door. Her tone was back to her fun-loving self, well the one he knew as Lila's tone.

"And I have someone who wants to see you." Fox moved to the side and Travis saw Breana.

Travis was shocked to see Breana there. Her eyes were watering, but she was still so beautiful. "Breana," was the only thing that came from his mouth.

She rushed over to Travis and they embraced in a hug. Travis was so glad to see her again. He had lost her again and just like four years ago, Fox brought them back together. They kissed and said over and over again how they have been without each other.

"Too much lovely-dovey stuff for my eyes," Fox said placing her back against the wall.

Andrew smiled and walked beside Fox. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"What feels good?" Fox replied.

Andrew raised an eyebrow at Fox. She smiled. History was repeating it self.

"Shut up." Fox said putting her arms around Andrew. They embraced in a chaste kiss that was long over due.

"So what's going to happen now?" Andrew said breaking the kiss.

Fox lowered her head. "I guess you will return to the US. You have a business to run and Travis has to go back to work."

"I think Travis and Breana will take a time out from his work." Andrew said. "They have much to work out, thanks to you."

Fox smiled and took one more look at Travis and Breana. She released Andrew from her arms and started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Andrew asked.

"Madrid," Fox said. "A new life and job."

Andrew grabbed her arm, "And you think I am just going to let you walk out again?"

Fox looked confused.

"I don't think so." Andrew said. "I love you."

Andrew kissed Fox passionately and held her tight. They broke the kiss and Fox looked in to Andrew's eyes. "I love you too." Her voice was sweet and simple.

"But," Fox started. "We have to get going."

"Why?" Andrew asked.

"You think you will be able to stand to bring down an Amazon-warrior-wanna-be who thinks she can resurrect the Nazi dynasty?"

"I think you can." Andrew said kissing her again.