Absent Elements

What was he missing?
He'd been walking so long, searching for so many years, and yet, it remained elusive. As the years went by, the bricks went up; and now, at the age of twenty-three, Josh was a walking fortress.

It was late Thursday afternoon, and it was dark. Footsteps turned into running paces as he challenged the rain in a race to get nowhere. Something was changing, a secret was beginning...... to unfold.

His heart was no longer a broken one...but as the days past, the colors had started to fade into grey - and Josh was an emotional contradiction. Images and echoes mixed mercilessly inside his thoughts as he gave into utter frustration. Memories of her refused to fade -- it'd been a whirl-wind romance -- and now it was over; three days before he had planned to propose to her.

What had gone wrong? It had all been so perfect--- wait, scratch that. Nothing is perfect, but this was as close to perfection that Josh had been next to in his entire life -- and he'd blown it. He hadn't expected much from her in the way of apology-acceptance, but to blow him off entirely and staunchly forbid reminders of their five-year relationship was a bit far-fetched. Okay, so maybe she'd been a little uncomfortable when he'd mentioned hi-tailing it to Vegas and getting hitched...but he'd only done so as a way of testing her reaction to the subject of marriage. In truth, guys are more scared about marriage than they appear to be. Most of the time, they are more nervous then the girls, but it would never do to let on.

He'd never expected this, though. She'd just gone silent, as if he no longer exsisted---she literally looked THROUGH him.... and Josh was in disbelief. For five years, he'd loved her, thought of only her, and dreamed of her at night.....five long years, and she was just Silent? What gave? No use asking what was wrong-- he knew. She'd found someone else. He could feel it in the way she moved.