"Glad to see you are still with use Mika." says Ms. Genova after finishing the attendance, putting the roster by the door in doing so, "And now that that's over, lets begin."

"You dork, don't you get enough sleep at home?" Anja whispers to Mika, who sits to her left.

"O' shut up." She replies.

"Whore." says Anja, playing around.

"Bitch." counteracts Mika, laughing.

"Well, damn, you know I can't deny that one." Says Anja as they both giggle at their own youthful immaturity.

"So how was your weekend?" asks Mika.

"Shit, except for that rave last night." Anja replies, "But man, I wish those damn nightmares would just fuck'n stop already."

"Yeah well, you still get more sleep than me." states Mika, "And yeah, that rave was pretty awesome. Though some of those fuckers seriously needed to lay off the rolls. They were start'n to piss me off."

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean." She agrees, "But at least it was fun fuck'n with 'em. Stupid ass fuck'n people. I'm tell'n you right now, if I even do X I'm fuck'n shoot myself."

"O' don't worry hun. I'll do it for ya."

"Yeah, you damn well better." Declares Anja, laughing.

"Hey Anja, the whole time that Ambros guy's been here he's been checking you out." Says Mika.

"I though you were sleeping?" says Anja who laughs & smiles while saying so.

"How could I sleep with a hottie like that in the room?"

"Yeah, your right." Anja explains, "You might drool."

Anja & Mika giggle some more, but after a minute or so they get back on track & pay attention. But somewhere in the middle of some half-baked debate on the intelligence of dragons, Anja says fuck it & daydreams. Knowing all to well the capability of dragons.

She decides to work on her drawing further since her subject is right there & she could work on some of the details. At one point she looks up at him & finds him staring back. And of course she takes this opportunity to better draw his eyes. He just looks at her, trying to figure out what it is she's doing.

She looks up at him again to double check what she was working on & he then realizes what she is up to. So he keeps looking her way until she stops & just looks back. Realizing how stupid & crazy she must look. She blushes & looks away. "Who is he…really? What is it about him? How insane am I?" she glances at the clock. Class is almost over. She then looks back, almost expecting Ambros to vanish into thin air, & finds him still watching her. So they just stare at each other for a while until the bell rings.

Everyone packs their things & make their way to their next class. Ambros walks towards the door but before he leaves he turns & gives her an innocent smirk & leaves. Anja turns bright red & a huge grin comes over her face. Mika notices this & nudges her in the gut with her elbow.

"Way ta go!" she says.

"What?" asks Anja still red & still smiling.

"I wish I could just start drawling a guy & he then automatically fall for me." Mika explains, "He'd take one look at my drawing & run like hell."

"O'…I didn't come off as stalker like, did I?" Anja asks while laughing at Mika's remark about her drawing skills. Truly knowing just how badly Mika's drawling can be. But also knowing that she's killer with a set of drums.

"No, not really." says Mika, laughing, "You more resembled a love sick artsy chik."

"I can live with that." agrees Anja, "He rides our bus, you know. And while on that topic, where were you this morning?"

"Sleeping." Say Mika looking at the ground.

"I shoulda known." Says Anja as they make their way out the door laughing some more on the way.