Title: Marriage of Convenience

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: Original

Pairing: Falcon/Brandon

Warnings: Language, Slash, Mpreg, Violence, Abuse

Disclaimer: All characters, situations, places, and ideas used in this fic are mine and only mine. If you wish to use and or incorporate the ideas into your own work, please contact me or leave a link to my work.

Author's Note: In this universe both same sex marriage and male birth are a well accepted fact. The first male pregnancy was recorded in the times of the Greeks and Romans. It may or may not be listed here, but one of the emperors gave birth to a son while still conquering his neighbors. Women have been equals with men from such time as well. There are very few stigmas in this universe though I'm sure several will make their way into the fic as I go along. The time period is of modern times, but will have only a passing resemblance to our reality.

Archive: If you wish to archive this you have my permission as long as you contact me first or have already acquired permission. Any list that I submit this fic to has automatic permission.


Rating: FRMO

Beta: Edi: The Magnificent.

Part: 1/?

Prologue: Remembering

The Falcon leaned over the crib and looked down at the beautiful baby boy that represented the best aspects of himself and his husband. Sometimes when he looked at his son he could only think of how blessed he was and how lucky he had been not to have screwed things up completely. His temper and his own nature had nearly cost him both the boy he had come to love and the child they had created together.

At a month old Erik represented more than just a future heir to the family, but the second chance that Falcon had been given by his husband. A chance that Falcon was very aware he didn't deserve, but then Brandon had always given people more chances than they deserved.

Part of the problem had been Falcon's arrogance and the age gap between himself and Brandon. Another part had been Falcon's hatred of Brandon's father. Their life together had started with the subjugation of Brandon to his father's will and because of a debt that Falcon had been unable to pay to the old man.

At the time he hated everything it represented, but now he thought perhaps it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Falcon brushed a hand down his sons back and smiled as he thought of the day his life changed so completely.