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The Labyrinth

Chapter Six

Second Encounter With the She-man

By Ronin S. Oath and mudrakdragon1

"How long is this going to take?" Shawna demands as she saunters just a step behind Hoggle. "It seems as if we've been walking for hours!"

"Not much further," Hoggle replies in agitation. The two were slowly driving him crazy! He didn't she how anyone in their realm was able to put up with them as long as they had…

Suddenly a deep, ominous voice calls out "Beware all who enter!" startling a scream from both Shawna and Casadena.

"What the hell are those… those things?"

"Do not enter!"

Hoggle sighs, continuing on. "Don't worry about them," he tells the girls without a glance back to see if they were going to follow or not.

"A fiery death awaits you ahead!"

Shawna's eyes light up when she hears this. "I know now! They're fire alarms! You can't trick me for long! They're fire alarms! Aren't they?"

"Go back while you still can!"

Casadena cautiously steps up to one of the rock-faces.

"Nothing will be gained by continuing down this path!"

"Nope," Casadena swiftly chirps, swirling around to face Shawna. "They're not fire alarms."

"Why do you say that?" Shawna inquires, as she and Casadena continue down the darkened path after Hoggle.

"Do not go on!"

"They aren't made of fire," Casadena answers obviously. "They look more like rock alarms to me…"

"Take heed and go no farther…"

Shawna glares at her friend. "They don't have to be made of no damn fire to be fucking fire alarms, you idiot!"

"Beware! Beware!"

"Why do they call them fire alarms then?"

"Because… Because…"

"This is not the way!"

A growl escapes from Hoggle's throat. "They're false alarms!"

Shawna and Casadena blinks, looking at each other. "But…" The two looks down at Hoggle. "That's what we said…"

"Soon it will be too late for you…"

"Yea, yea, yea… We heard it all before," grouches Shawna. "Anyways…" The spirit returns to Shawna's dark eyes. "Let's get a move on!"

"Beware! For the path you're about to take will lead to your certain destruction!"

"Will you false alarms just shut-up?"


"Did you hear that?" Shawna questions, leering suspiciously at the ground as if it, too, would turnout to be a trap door. Instead, her eyes land on a crystal ball. "Ooooooh! Look at the pretty crystal… Soooo pretty…" The crystal suddenly starts rolling away from the group as if it had a mind of its own. Noticing this, Shawna cries out "I want!" and starts chasing after it.

A chill runs down Hoggle's spine as Casadena heads off after her friend. "Hoggle don't like the looks of this…"

As the crystal ball rounds a corner, Shawna speeds after it. Never expecting to run into a very solid object until it was too late, and she landed hard on her rear. "Ouch! Watch where you're goin-" Opening her dark orbs, Shawna glances up and up until her eyes land on Jareth. "Huh?"

Casadena and Hoggle take this moment to appear behind the fallen Shawna.

Shawna, still not noticing her friends, laughs to herself while declaring, "We bump into each other a lot."

"It's more along the lines of you bumping into me," mends Jareth.

"It's the she-man!" Casadena points out from behind Shawna. "Konnichiwa, she-man!"

Jareth glares at Casadena over top of Shawna's shoulder. Moving his vision to the left, he spots Hoggle. A shadow of a smile touches his face. "Hello there, Higgle."

"It's Hoddle," Shawna corrects.

"Nun-uh," mutters Casadena, "his name is Hobble."

"Or was it Hiddle?"






"H-" Shawna turns a glare on Casadena. "No, you idiot!"


Shawna sighs, smacking Casadena on the top of the skull. "Hogwarts is in Harry Potter!"


Shawna let out a growl as her right eye started to twitch. "Read my lips, Casadena… This is not Hogwarts! This is the fucking real world! Not some sort of make-believe fantasy land! Do you understand?"

"Umm…" Casadena seems to be concentrating very hard. "No…"

"Gah! I give the fuck up!" shouts Shawna, throwing her arms in the air. "And besides… his name is Shoggle."

"You sure it wasn't Shoogle?"

"It's Hoggle!"

"Right," Jareth says in a bored tone, "well this has been very interesting and all, but you only have seven hours left to complete my labyrinth."

Shawna faces Jareth once again. "Your point?"

"My point is-"

"Hey, when did the she-man get here?" Casadena interrupts suddenly.

"Well," Shawna answers, "he's kinda been here… for a while now actually…"

"I don't see where this has any relevance to your situation," Jareth continues before clearing out his throat. "Would you mind stepping away? You are far too close."

"Huh?" Shawna blinks, then blushes three shades of red.

"It's not that I don't enjoy company, it's just-"

Shawna interrupts by shouting, "Well fine by me!"

"-not yours."

"That wasn't very nice," Casadena declares, shaking her finger at Jareth.

"Like I care if he's nice or not," Shawna huffs. "Let's go!"

Casadena and Hoggle stand there.

"I said, 'Let's fucking go already!'!"

"M-kay! M-kay! We're coming!" Casadena calls back, running to Shawna's side.

Jareth glares at the two girls who would dare turn their backs on him. "Stop!"

Shawna laughs to herself. "Or what?"

With an angry scowl, Jareth throws his crystal ball into the darkness before disappearing in a cloud of glitter.

"The she-man's gone again…"

A swishing sound is heard as a large, circular object covered with twisting blades and turning screw-like objects comes into view.

Hoggle's blood freezes. "Oh no! The Cleaners!"

"Oh shit," Shawna mumbles, her darkened eyes growing large. "Run!"

Casadena, obvious to the Cleaners, stands there as Shawna and Hoggle runs ahead of her. "Huh? Run? Why?" When no one answers, Casadena scratches her head. "M-kay… I don't see why you guys are running, though…" Turning around to see if the she-man came back, Casadena's spots the Cleaners hardly ten feet away from her! "Oh…" With that, Casadena runs after her friends, a layer of dust rising behind her. It doesn't take long before Casadena is once again running beside Shawna. "K-Konnichiwa!"

Shawna glances over to Casadena. "What the hell took ya so long?"

Casadena is about to reply when she runs into a dead end (literally). "Oh, ouch! What hit me?"

"Um… Horddle… I think we need some help here…"

"There's no way out!" says Hoggle worriedly.

"Then," concludes Shawna, "we're doomed…"

Casadena sits up from where she'd fallen when she ran into the dead end. "But there's a ladder right there," she announces, pointing to the ladder over to the right.

"Where the hell did that thing come from?"

The cleaners close in on them.

"Um… Shawna…"

"What is it, Casad-" Seeing the cleaners only three feet away, Shawna stops mid-sentence. "Move! Go, go, go! Now!" With that, Shawna quickly climbs the ladder, leaving the other two to defend for themselves.

Casadena places Hoggle on her shoulders, knowing that he wouldn't be able to climb as fast as Shawna or herself, and follows Shawna to the top of the ladder just as the cleaners speed past them.

To Be Continued…