Everywhere to Run But No One To Stop Him

"If you prick us, do we not bleed?"

His head was pounding. No doubt the result of the vast amount alcohol he'd downed at that night's party. How many had he had? Truthfully, he'd lost count. 12:53. A bomb was going off in his head. The silence was deafening. A jackhammer smashed against his skull, and the stars danced wildly in front of his eyes. 12:54. He couldn't go home now. Not like this. Not smelling like beer and sweat and the cheap perfume of a girl who'd thrown herself at him. Not now. Not like this.

"If you tickle us, do we not laugh?"

12:55. Too many times had he woken up with a hangover threatening his sanity. It whispered. "Go. Run, you coward. You're nothing to me, to them. Run. Run. Run. Run." Too many times had he bedded a girl just because she wanted him to, because he was smashed or she was stoned or they both were too far gone to care. 12:56. The bodies so close together, the memories. the lights and the music. It bled simultaneously until he could not remember what was real and what was not. "You know you can never win. Why do you fight it, child?" He pulled out a cigarette from the back pocket of his jeans, along with a lighter, and for a moment the pounding stopped. 12:57.

"If you poison us, do we not die?"

The smoke from his cigarette mixed with the chill autumn air, the bitter scent of it settling on him. His eyes were closed as they stared into blackness. "Run." 12:58. He looked down.The pounding was insufferable. He could almost feel his blood pulsing. His heart grew heavier. Each second passed as an eternity.

A clap of thunder. 12:59. A drop of rain. 1:00.

A downpour. "Run, now! Now! Now! Before they catch you!"

"If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

So he ran.

And in that moment, sound was lost in the nothingness of it all.

In the blink of in an eye, the world ended.

-Line taken from William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (You should all read it )